Servicenow Announces Employee Growth and Development, an AI-powered Talent Transformation Solution to Drive Skills-Based Workforce Management

ServiceNow the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone,announced Employee Growth and Development (EGD), an AI-powered talent transformation solution to drive skills-based workforce management. The new solution will help organizations better understand the strengths of their workforce and build a scalable skills strategy that helps close talent gaps and improve employee experiences—all on a single platform.

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“Every company today is trying to build a skills strategy—it’s top of mind for CHROs and CEOs alike”

More than three-quarters of employees (76%) say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous learning and developmentaccording to SHRM. If leaders don’t focus on skills development to help employees thrive, they risk losing talent to companies that do. EGD addresses this challenge, connecting numerous, disconnected point solutions used for learning and development to guide employees and their managers through career plans and development goals. It’s underpinned by AI-powered skills intelligence acquired from Hitch Works, which will serve as a dynamic engine that recommends relevant trainings, mentors, and mobility opportunities.

“Organizations are nothing without their people. In this competitive market, to grow business, leaders need to enable their employees to grow their careers in equitable and dynamic ways. This can’t be done without skills intelligence,” said Jacqui Canney, ServiceNow chief people officer. “The vision of Employee Growth and Development makes that all possible through personalized learning experiences that continually develop and enhance employee skills based on data and insights, resulting in a more engaged, motivated, and resilient workforce.”

One platform, one architecture, one data model connects systems and data

The Now Platform along with EGD’s dynamic AI-powered skills intelligence can help give the solution a distinct competitive advantage. ServiceNow’s open architecture enables companies to integrate with systems across the enterprise, as well as with third-party and external data sources. As the connective tissue, EGD will help companies move functionality out of point solutions and into a simple, consumer-centric experience for employees, managers, and business leaders.

“For years, HR leaders have invested in siloed tools for employee growth and development, leading to disconnected data and fragmented experiences. With Employee Growth and Development, ServiceNow is taking a major step forward in helping organizations simplify and optimize this experience,” said Gretchen Alarcon, SVP and GM, Employee Workflows, ServiceNow. “We’ve created a platform with AI-powered skills intelligence that spans back-end systems, so employees have a central place to access and act on all their learning, development, and growth needs. We’re leveraging the power of the Now Platform to power the employee experience of the future.”

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By bringing learning, development, and skills intelligence together on a single platform, EGD will give organizations the ability to act on insights rather than instinct. This solution empowers organizations to build a data-driven talent management strategy that predicts, identifies, and develops skills that will have the greatest impact on the business and close talent gaps.

“Every company today is trying to build a skills strategy—it’s top of mind for CHROs and CEOs alike,” said Josh Bersin, founder and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company. “Building a skills database is a part of the solution, but it’s only a small piece of the puzzle. The future of skills is AI-driven. The companies that win will be those who push the boundaries of traditional HR and develop a sophisticated skills engine that brings siloed solutions together for more impactful, high-value learning. This is a big, bold move for ServiceNow!”

With EGD, companies can be smarter and more agile—evaluating and developing employees based on their skills, not just their experience or education. AI-powered skills intelligence also opens the door for dynamic career paths, surfacing new opportunities and trainings for employees so they can build the skills they need today while also planning for the future.

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