Rising Team Releases Mini Kits, Expanding Its Team Development Platform to Serve Frequent Team Meetings and Front Line Workers

The Interactive Tool Boosts Trust and Engagement for Remote and In-Person Employees Across Industries

Rising Team, the industry-leading team development platform helping companies build more connected and successful teams, announces its introduction of its Mini Kits. A series of interactive team-building experiences, the Mini Kits are 10–15-minute sessions that help leaders increase trust and understanding on their teams, helping to boost team effectiveness.

In addition to the longer, more in-depth Leadership Development and Connection Kits that Rising Team previously introduced, leaders now have access to a full set of Mini Kits they can use for quick, meaningful team connection. Designed for both laptop and mobile use, Minis can be accessed by teams of all kinds, across levels, functions, remote or in-person workplaces and deskless workers. The Minis come in three types: “Connect” to build trust through personal storytelling, “Understand” to build insights about workplace preferences, and “Play” to have fun together as a team.

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Rising Team’s release of its Mini Kits comes during a time when employee morale and engagement is at an all-time low, with a Gallup poll showing only 32% of U.S. employees are actively engaged in the workplace. This new solution is purpose-built to improve team performance and engagement, positioning companies for higher retention rates, increased employee effectiveness, and overall employee satisfaction.

“Leaders today face unprecedented challenges, and the need for authentic connection within teams is more vital than ever,” says Jennifer Dulski, Founder & CEO of Rising Team. “With the introduction of Rising Team Minis, we aim to provide a powerful tool that enables leaders everywhere to nurture trust, strengthen connections, and enhance team dynamics in a way that fits their demanding schedules. As an organization, we are proud to introduce Minis as part of our ongoing mission to equip all managers to lead more engaged, connected, and successful teams.”

Several of Rising Team’s customers have already begun using the Mini Kits to enhance their employees’ experiences and engagement. Rory Thorp, Manager of Logistics at Carlile Transportation commented, “I really enjoy how the Mini Kits get everyone involved and allow us to get to know each other better while also keeping it fun. The team looks forward to it, and we’ll be using Rising Team Minis on a weekly basis moving forward.”

Rising Team provides the industry’s leading team development platform. Its software enables companies to increase employee engagement and retention, scale talent development, and improve culture and connection. Covering all the leadership topics that drive high-performing teams, the software equips managers with everything necessary to run deeply connecting, fun, and interactive team-building sessions, remotely or in-person, without the need for an outside facilitator. Leading companies and organizations across multiple industries, including Bank of Hawaii, Intuit, Yahoo! DXC, Achieve, The San Diego Food Bank, and many more, are using Rising Team to develop stronger managers and more resilient teams.

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