Revolutionizing Leadership Insights: Culture Amp Introduces People Analytics

New People Analytics product unifies data from across the organization empowering leaders with actionable insights. This translates to a more engaged workforce and a better bottom line

Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, today announced its new People Analytics product is available from 30 June. This launch follows the company’s recent acquisition of the people analytics platform Orgnostic, announced at Culture First Forum in London in March. Culture Amp’s People Analytics product integrates seamlessly with its award-winning employee experience platform. This dynamic duo unlocks the power of an organization’s workforce data, transforming it into actionable insights that empower them to unleash their people’s full potential.

Culture Amp’s People Analytics unifies data across HR, finance, and business systems, giving leaders a holistic view of their workforce. This empowers data-driven decisions, transforming reactive responses into proactive strategies that optimize performance and drive profitability.

Real-time insights and intuitive dashboards empower leaders to proactively address workforce issues, enhancing employee experience and driving business success. This reflects the HR transformation towards data-driven strategies.

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The Key Benefits of Culture Amp’s Integrated People Analytics Product:

  1. Break Down Data Silos: Connect and organize HR, finance, and business data for a holistic view of your workforce.
  2. Maximize Your HR Tech: Leverage existing tools, optimize workflows, and gain a single source of truth for confident decisions.
  3. Actionable Insights, Simplified: User-friendly dashboards and data stories make complex HR data clear and actionable for leaders.
  4. Real-Time & Predictive: Get instant access to data and leverage machine learning for insights on key metrics and future trends.
  5. HR Impact, Quantified: Link employee experience directly to business outcomes, demonstrating the financial and operational value of an engaged workforce.

Guiding Leaders, Driving Success

“Our customers use Culture Amp to collect, understand, and act on data that they can’t get anywhere else. We have some of the most powerful and most important data on what is going on inside organizations anywhere in the world,” said Didier Elzinga, Co-founder and CEO of Culture Amp.

“In talking to our customers, we realized that to truly help companies drive change at scale and to give leaders the tools they need to drive their organizational agenda, we need to help them connect those insights to the myriad of other data sources.

“And that is why we are so excited to announce the availability of Culture Amp’s People Analytics product. Now we can help customers connect all the data in your organization no matter where it resides, and we can combine that data with our people science to provide AI backed insight and prediction to drive culture at scale.”

Global Industry Analyst Stacia Garr from Redthread Research said about the power of combining employee experience with people analytics, “There is an incredible amount of power in a multi-source people analytics system. By bringing together disparate data, these systems can create a single, integrated source of data truth, which can then be used to answer critical questions about what is happening with the workforce.

“This has the potential to put people analytics insights into the hands of more managers: Culture Amp has historically put great emphasis on getting its technology into the hands of managers. Now with the addition of People Analytics, managers will have access to more useful insights, which should enable Culture Amp’s customers to improve their business performance.”

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