OneDirectory Launches New Org Chart Software for Microsoft 365

OneDirectory, a leading provider of modern employee directory software,announced the launch of its new organizational chart tool for companies running on Microsoft 365. The new org chart gives people an easy way to view and navigate their company’s organizational structure, providing a complete view of their workforce from top to bottom, right within OneDirectory.

With the new org chart we’re helping businesses get a better understanding of their organizational structure,” says Lawrence Cawood, CEO and Co-founder of OneDirectory. “We believe that having an accurate and easily accessible org chart is essential for any business, and with the new release we’re making it super easy to get started.”

Traditionally, organizational charts and employee directories have co-existed as similar yet distinctly different tools. While org charts exist to help you understand and plan your organizational structure, employee directories exist to help people connect with one another at work. But there is an overlap between these tools since they are both essentially a visualization of employee profile data.

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For the past 12 years, OneDirectory has focused its efforts in the people directory space, building out their directory platform that is now used by hundreds of organizations including some of the world’s leading brands. This new release adds a feature-rich org chart tool right into the core employee directory experience, so users don’t need to switch to another app when they’re looking for information about their organizational structure.

While most other tools allow users to build static org charts by dragging blocks around and connecting them together, OneDirectory helps organizations get a live org chart up and running in minutes without the frustration of manually building one, since the organizational structure is generated automatically from the existing employee and manager relationships in Microsoft 365.

“We’re excited to be bringing org charts and employee directories closer together with OneDirectory,” says Greg Bennett, Head of Marketing at OneDirectory. “The benefit of having an org chart and an employee directory live together is that you get a complete picture of every employee and where they fit in the organization. You can very quickly flow between the org chart, employee profiles and people search.”

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With a heavy focus on user experience, OneDirectory’s new org chart helps people navigate and visualize their company’s organizational structure in a fun, visual way. Users can change orientation, zoom, pan, scroll, expand nodes, highlight reporting lines, choose dynamic starting points, and download or print the org chart.

The new release also introduces dynamic office and departmental org charts, which is just one way that OneDirectory is bringing new innovations to the space. “We found that other org chart tools are too rigid in the way they present office and departmental data since they assume your company’s structure is perfect. But your organizational structure is dynamic and is probably a little bit messy, and your org chart tool needs to adapt to that reality,” says Bennett.

“Our new org chart gives users an immersive experience that’s actually enjoyable to use,” adds Cawood. “It’s important to us that we deliver amazing user experiences with our products, and we’re excited to release this new version of our org chart and continue to provide our customers with the best employee directory tools in the world.”

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