HR Teams Tackle ‘The Great Resignation’ With New StaffCircle Features to Support Employee Mental Health

  • Cloud-based HR platform StaffCircle announces new employee surveys to combine an all-in-one culture first and employee feedback function
  • Advanced new features aim to boost employee confidence and wellbeing
  • The update also includes new 360 degree review functionality to remove manager bias and aid ‘The Great Retention’

StaffCircle, the cloud-based HR platform that combines performance management and employee engagement, has announced the launch of two new platform features to support employee mental health and promote ‘The Great Retention’.

At a time when mental health is taking a dip and employees are considering resigning from their jobs, the new features include three enhanced survey functionalities (focusing on sentiment, engagement and eNPS) and 360 degree review capabilities to eliminate manager bias.

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The platform’s new survey features combine both simple feedback Q&As with an advanced way of assessing the health of organisational culture. It enables staff to best communicate how they are feeling via holistic feedback loops. This functionality also provides an opportunity for companies to reward transparent communication, culture, and behaviour with tangible performance objectives and holistic reviews.

The three surveys features are easy to use – ‘sentiment’ uses a simple smiley face feedback button, ‘engagement’ is based on strongly agree/disagree and open ended questions, and the eNPS survey uses statements rated 1-10. All feedback links to StaffCircle’s Success Circles – a platform visual to show how awards, colleague feedback, objectives and reviews all link back to employee culture and values. In turn, this ultimately displays an individual’s performance and competency alignment at a glance. The update issues StaffCircle customers with a market-first complete culture solution covering all angles of employee feedback and support, enabling companies to measure, support and build both staff performance and internal HR operations.

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As part of the platform’s latest update, StaffCircle is also strengthening its 360 degree review capability – holistic appraisals driven by feedback from five different areas: reviewer, reviewee, an internal staff member, an external party (customer/client) and direct reports (whether all of a manager’s direct reports, or just some of them). Bringing the issue of manager performance to the fore, the feature is designed to remove manager bias and spot when management is not operating as effectively as it could with employees. With dashboards to drill down into manager performance, both HR and senior leadership teams can view how a manager is performing at any time and review employee feedback on a manager’s leadership and culture qualities.

Mark Seemann, Founder and CEO at StaffCircle: “Our new platform update addresses two fundamental issues – employee wellbeing and mental health, which has arguably suffered as a result of the pandemic and onset of new working arrangements, and the issue of bad managers and feedback which ultimately causes employees to leave. With companies now wanting to focus on ‘The Great Retention’, ensuring the best cultural experience for employees – regardless of whether they work remotely or on-site – is one of the most important factors for staff retention and happiness.”

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