Webinars Hosted by Right Reason Technologies to Train Educators Transitioning to Online Learning

The state of education in America is currently ambiguous. School districts are left to decide the fate of their students by choosing to send them back to campus, to continue with online learning, or a hybrid solution of the two. As certain school districts take the online learning route, parents, students, and especially teachers are left wondering — is this an effective way to teach children? Right Reason Technologies has been a part of the online learning industry for over 20years, paving the path for the rest of the nation to make the switch to online learning amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to help prepare everyone for online learning this fall, Right Reason Technologies broadcasts live and on-demand Webinars that cover topics on the solutions for effective online and on-demand instruction to the successful use of their RightPath software to how to cope with distance learning in general.

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Many school districts across the nation are starting to announce that they are continuing with online learning this fall. This may raise some eyebrows as some think that students and teachers alike are not fully prepared for this. However, Right Reasons Technologies has been sharing Webinars aimed at answering any and all questions about online learning. Plus, anybody interested can attend these Webinars not just educators.

If a district chooses the online learning software provided by Right Reason Technologies, parents can rest assured knowing that their children will still be getting a high-quality education. Parents can tune into Webinars hosted by Right Reason Technologies to see how their software works and how it can be implemented to make online learning effective for their child.

Teachers who are used to in-person education have been forced to rapidly switch to an online education model with little-to-no formal training. Right Reasons Technologies thinks that teachers should not be expected to train themselves to be better online educators. When school districts use Right Reasons Technologies’ RightPath, PlanBookPlus, and other software, teachers get the proper training they deserve. Plus, that training is not limited to just using the software, but how to be an effective online teacher overall, bolstering student growth and performance throughout the school year.

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School districts that are partnering with Right Reasons Technologies to use their online learning software this school year can offer more to their community. Teachers and other educational staff are given access to training Webinars that cover everything the software offers. Right Reasons Technologies also offers PlanBookPlus, which is an online lesson planner that helps teachers be more organized while working in an online space. Plus, everybody involved in the school district can have a chance to learn about Right Reasons Technologies in their Webinars.

The software backed by Right Reasons Technologies offers a solution to the challenges that online learning has brought to the education community at large. With RightPath, teachers and students will be more successful when their school decides to continue with online learning. RightPath navigates students’ success by incorporating Data Informed Instruction, Instructional Planning, Professional Performance, and Learning Resources and Programs. Right Reasons Technologies has found a way to make online learning the most effective, by putting everything a teacher would need in a traditional classroom online. Some of the tasks supported by the platform are — inputting grades, progress monitoring, creating and distributing assignments and assessments, contacting parents, lesson planning, and more.

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