Traliant, an innovator in online sexual harassment training and diversity training, today announced updates to its unconscious bias training. The new version has been expanded to cover many of the most common types of bias, with examples, strategies and practices to help employees reduce the influence of bias on workplace decisions and actions. Effectively managing unconscious bias (or implicit bias) is a top priority for HR leaders, as organizations seek to improve diversity, equity and inclusion.

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“Unconscious bias training is one of the essential HR tools to help employees and managers recognize and manage their personal biases and think more inclusively, inside and outside the workplace,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant CEO and Co-Founder.

Designed for a modern workforce, Traliant’s updated Unconscious Bias training examines different types of workplace biases, such as confirmation bias, affinity bias, attribution bias, beauty bias, gender bias and ageism, and how they affect decisions and interactions. Unconscious Bias is part of Traliant’s Diversity & Inclusion Training Suite.

All of Traliant’s courses are mobile‑optimized for access on any device and can be translated into 100+ languages. Courses can be tailored with an organization’s branding, policies and leadership message.

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