Inkling Unveils New Workflow Enhancements to InkForms

  • New Workflow Enhancements Drive Greater Efficiency and a Better User Experience for Embedded Training and Knowledge in Operational Checklists

Inkling, a global leader in digital learning solutions, announced four enhancements to InkForms, which provides users the unique ability to combine task management with digital training and knowledge content. The new features streamline the user experience and drive better operational efficiency by providing more options for delivering training and educational resources directly into operational checklists, and enabling users to take faster actions with the forms data they receive. These enhancements make it easier for employees to gain knowledge in the flow of work, and boosts operational efficiency for both employees and managers.

“As the only modern learning solution that links checklists and surveys with training and knowledge content, Inkling is driving greater operational efficiency and learning velocity for its customers,” said Inkling CEO Mike Parks. “These new InkForms features delivered with checklists give employees easy access to reference and training material they need to complete their tasks accurately and efficiently, as well as provide managers with powerful tools to enhance training and take actions to ensure their businesses run smoothly.”

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Available now, the new usability and workflow features include:

  • Pre-fill answer options – Forms can be designed with specific fields that are pre-filled automatically with basic information, such as location, name and role, from a variety of sources. Creators can manually pre-fill forms or checklists with information specific to certain roles or locations, or pre-fill from previously completed forms, as well as data from tables, employee profiles, organization systems of record, and integrate with other systems, like Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Workflows and branching – Simplify checklist workflows for approvals or alternate completions by other employees, and leverage branching logic based on training completion and answers.
  • Action buttons – Used in backend administration tables, action buttons help accelerate workflows by enabling learning and operational teams to take quick action on information collected in forms or checklists. With a simple click of a button, managers can request updates to forms, and send form data, files and attachments to other systems.
  • InkForms Inbox – Employees responsible for receiving and reviewing forms are automatically notified by email that forms have been submitted. The Inbox enables them to access forms from a central inbox, eliminating the need to wade through entire admin tables to find the right forms.

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These new features and existing capabilities have made Inkling InkForms a go-to resource for managing COVID-19 policies, training, vaccinations and tracking. With secure COVID-19 vaccination registration templates and compliance forms, companies can easily maintain compliance with new and constantly changing federal, state and local policies that impact their business and support training so that employees stay current with the latest processes.

“With so many new employees coming on board in today’s market and requirements constantly changing, it is imperative that businesses have the tools that enable their staff to get up to speed faster and contribute in a meaningful way,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “The continued product enhancements made by Inkling help to streamline the learner experience, resulting in greater operational efficiency and a more confident workforce.”

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