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Faculty Preparedness for Fall 2020: Survey of More Than 800 Educators and Instructional Support Staff in Higher Ed Finds Uncertainty and Lack of Confidence with Institutional Plans

With the Fall academic term just weeks away, many educators are dissatisfied with the plans, level of clarity, and support they’ve received from their schools to teach online effectively, according to a new survey of more than 800 higher education faculty and instructional support staff. The survey was conducted by Top Hat, the leading active learning platform for higher education, and the results were summarized and presented in an infographic.

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.@tophat polled 808 higher ed faculty about how they are preparing for the Fall and what support they are receiving from their schools. With just a few weeks left until the new school year, half of them lack confidence in students’ ability to be successful

“Effective online teaching is so much more than just uploading lecture slides and video-conferencing classes in real-time,” said Nick Stein, CMO, Top Hat. “As we look ahead to the new academic term, students will have high expectations for the levels of engagement, interactivity, and connection built into their courses. Based on the results from this survey, there is still opportunity for institutions and educators to get this right before the Fall.”

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The Top Hat Field Report: COVID-19 Faculty Preparedness, Fall 2020 survey follows on Top Hat’s release of its student survey in May, 2020, which shared responses from more than 3,000 higher ed students regarding how they felt about their remote learning experience in the Spring. This new faculty preparedness survey polled 808 higher education instructors and instructional support staff, with the vast majority based in the United States. The goal was to learn how they are preparing, what support they are receiving from their institutions, and what their concerns are. Top Hat hopes that sharing these survey results with the broader community will improve our understanding of how the pandemic is impacting technology adoption and usage in higher ed, and ultimately help administrators and educators make more informed decisions that drive effective course design and delivery.

“As we near the Fall term in North America, there are growing concerns from faculty about institutional plans in terms of protecting health and helping students to succeed,” said Phil Hill, partner at MindWires, LLC. “Top Hat’s survey allows for broad-based input from faculty, providing clarity on some key questions that have not been resolved, and is a valuable resource for the community.”

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