Emtrain Announces New Pro-Social Work Skills Framework to Create Respect, Inclusion, Belonging, and Ethics in the Workplace

Emtrain, which provides eLearning and predictive analytics for the workplace, announced a new skill building framework to help organizations proactively manage their workplace culture and business outcomes. Backed by research and psychometrically validated, Emtrain scores and benchmarks respect, inclusion, belonging, and ethics and recommends microlessons to teach pro-social skills where lacking.

“Our 16-factor model gives employers and managers a heat map of behaviors and predicts attrition and team productivity,” said CEO and Founder Janine Yancey.

Emtrain’s skill building framework goes beyond traditional approaches that focus on core skills and job skills. Pro-social skills, such as mitigating bias, managing power, and advancing allyship empower HR and diversity initiatives. Microlessons teach pro-social skills and behaviors at scale, building competencies for teams and allowing executives to measure and benchmark their culture and risks throughout the organization.

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Cross-industry benchmarking incorporates 90 million perceptions from 2 million employees from over 500 hundred organizations. Individual employer scores can be segmented by gender, age, race, location, and other demographics. Heatmaps help leaders focus on developing skills where they’re vulnerable. For the first time ever, organizations can have real time visibility of the social dynamics within their workplace.

“As we embrace a hybrid workplace, leaders are struggling to figure out how to build and maintain high performing teams. Employees no longer have the natural relationships that evolve when working side by side. Hybrid work is forcing organizations to be more deliberate and intentional in how they create inclusion and our pro-social skills model will help them do that,” said Emtrain’s Chief Innovation Officer Robert Todd.

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