Crisis accelerates business trends. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down some sectors of American business, but it has also accelerated growth in the tech industry. With software jobs becoming a mainstay around the world, new skills are needed for businesses to evolve in step with changes in the technology landscape.

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Educative, the leading interactive learning platform for software developers, is seeing a large uptick in tech upskilling and reskilling demands from corporate customers. Enterprise clients including large tech companies, startups, and bootcamps who utilize Educative’s courses to enhance learning are recognizing the need to make use of interactive software training courses.

“Now seven months into the lockdowns, it’s become clear what technological trends have spiked to accommodate the new lifestyle and economic demands. Engineers and developers around the country are being re-tasked in these challenging transitions; and education provides the key to staying relevant and employable,” said Fahim ul Haq, co-founder and CEO of Educative. “Our enterprise customers recognize the need to reskill their employees and are turning to us to accommodate training.”

According to a recent StackOverflow developer survey, 75% of respondents noted that they learn a new technology at least once a year. With training events and seminars on hold, as well as deferred enrollment in higher learning establishments, companies are gradually providing on-the-job much of what was traditionally done by university degrees or external training services. Employers are increasingly becoming “next-generation employers,” refocusing on not just hiring but helping to create and grow the next waves of tech talent.

Since the pandemic started, Educative’s self-service learning product has seen new usage from teams in tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Cisco, among others. This usage is in addition to growth with enterprise customers including ServiceNow, Coinbase, and Groupon. Overall, Educative saw an increase of more than 80% in traffic to its business product in Q3 vs Q2.

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Educative has also begun to see significant demand from coding bootcamps and learning accelerators, whose curriculums are supplemented by Educative’s interactive courses. Educative has in the last several months signed agreements with a host of such clients including CodingNinjas, CodeBreakers, Developers.Institute and InterviewBoost.

“Educative helps prepare our students for our resources, and it saves us time. Moreover, there are enough courses on Educative that even if a student isn’t quite ready for an advanced one, I can redirect them to another resource within Educative,” said Derek Johnson, CEO of CodeBreakers.

What technologies are driving the trend?

With the pandemic still in full swing, cloud services, machine learning, and crisis management technologies, namely cybersecurity, are providing people with remote safety and business solutions that weren’t possible before. Since the pandemic began, Educative has seen an increase of more than 200% in demand for their courses on each of these technologies.

In addition to this, recently Educative posted a report supporting the notion that a variety of people are looking to learn new skills – and many are landing on technology as the area to invest in. In Q2, Educative experienced a 65% increase in intro courses and a 73% increase in the 18-24 age group.

Educative was made from the ground up for professional and aspiring software engineers looking to upskill on in-demand technologies. Unlike other platforms, which tend to be video-based and one-directional, Educative’s courses feature pre-configured coding environments that allow learners to test their skills and code in-browser. In addition, the courses are all text-based, which allows learners to dictate the pace and easily skip through parts they already know, almost like a book. Educative currently hosts over 185 software courses covering a wide range of topics from CSS to System Design.

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