Cornerstone Partnership With Waitwhat Brings Masters of Scale Podcast and Courses Exclusively to Cornerstone Customers

  • Masters of Scale’s iconic collection featuring leaders from the world’s most successful companies will be adapted into new courses to help cultivate winning business mindsets

Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a leader in adaptive HR solutions, will deliver curated courses from the award-winning Masters of Scale podcast to organizations worldwide through Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA). This exclusive partnership enables CCA customers to provide their people with lessons drawn from the most iconic CEOs and founders of our day in an audio-first format, one of the fastest growing modalities for learning. When combined with Cornerstone’s adaptive HR software, including Cornerstone Xplor, organizations can leverage modern learning content in a mobile-friendly format to better equip their workforces with the skills required to be future-ready.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our leadership library with the sought-after Masters of Scale collection rooted in counterintuitive ideas around company building, leadership, culture and more”

Created by WaitWhat and hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock, the Masters of Scale collection on CCA will include 150 podcast episodes, audio courses and animated videos. Together, this exclusive content offering combines Masters of Scale’s critically acclaimed storytelling with Hoffman’s analysis to distill actionable insights from the world’s most successful leaders including Barack Obama, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Tory Burch and Sir Richard Branson, as well as the founders and CEOs of Netflix, AirBnb, Peloton, Delta, Nike, Disney, Spotify, Starbucks, Google, Pepsi and many more.

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“We are thrilled to strengthen our leadership library with the sought-after Masters of Scale collection rooted in counterintuitive ideas around company building, leadership, culture and more,” said Heidi Spirgi, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Cornerstone. “Through this partnership with WaitWhat, we will be collaborating to offer even more actionable learning resources for business leaders as they hear from some of the greatest.”

In addition to bolstering its curated professional skills and leadership subscriptions with premium audio content, Cornerstone Studios will partner with WaitWhat to adapt the best learning moments from more than 10 seasons of Masters of Scale into original learning courses, re-imagined with stunning visual and motion design as well as key learning takeaways. The collaboration between WaitWhat and Cornerstone to produce innovative learning formats and actionable content will further bolster the value for customers and their people.

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“If there’s one thing we’ve learned in five years of interviews for the Masters of Scale podcast, it’s that there’s no single set of skills, experiences or talents that unite the world’s most successful leaders,” said Deron Triff, Co-Founder of WaitWhat. “What they have in common is a mindset, and this partnership with Cornerstone creates an unmatched opportunity to disseminate hundreds of winning mindsets in inventive formats that teams in companies all over the world can put into practice immediately.”

The offering is now available within Cornerstone Content Anytime, in both the Professional Skills and Leadership & Management curated subscriptions. Additionally, all new original learning content developed in collaboration between Cornerstone Studios and WaitWhat will be available in 2022.

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