Newly Released Research Aims to Help Companies Attract Early In Career Talent

Untapped, a company on a mission to make the world more equitable by broadening access to transformative careers, announced the release of its Early In Career Talent Sentiment Report. The insights uncovered will help companies attract Early In Career (EIC) talent, shape meaningful foundational employment experiences and develop magnetic employer branding that appeals to the Gen Z workforce.

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Untapped surveyed nearly 800 EIC candidates as they considered the initial steps on their career path. Roughly half of the respondents were searching for an internship, while the other half were looking to land their first job. The research shows that, before and during their hunt for those foundational roles, candidates seek chances to network in order to learn about the company, assess the opportunity and confirm a meaningful self-to-employer connection. But they want to feel secure about how much of their identifying details and personal data they share throughout the process.

Internship seekers in the study are looking for inspiring employers with compelling brand reputations and a proven track record of corporate social responsibility. They also are hoping to gain communication skills and connections from potential internships. When it comes to essential first job features, those new to the hiring market heavily emphasized professional development, followed by company culture.

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EIC talent indicated that aligning personal values with a company’s mission is vital. A top value is a company’s proven track record in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Some data highlights from Untapped’s Early In Career Talent Sentiment Report include:

  • 66% of respondents would not accept a “dream” opportunity with a company with a poor DEI reputation
  • 74% more candidates prefer to self-report their information than have their data inferred by AI
  • 77% of interviewees mentioned the importance of community throughout the job searching process, noting communities are great for getting interview and process tips
  • 70% survey participants would rather attend an event before applying for a role to gather information about the position and the company

“Our goal with conducting this research was to provide companies who seek to attract a diverse pipeline of EIC talent with helpful insights to shape meaningful career experiences, from the initial impression and beyond,” explained Adam Gefkovicz, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Untapped. “By better understanding EIC attitudes, companies can improve their talent strategy and outreach to candidates seeking out crucially-important foundational roles.”

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