TDX International Announces Bionic Initiative to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation

TDX International, LLC (TDXi), an Alaska Native Corporation based on Oahu, Hawaii, announces the establishment of a new National Innovation Center initiative with The Maryland Center at Bowie State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), to perform Research & Development (R&D) projects aimed at countering misinformation and disinformation and associated negative consequences.

The new Bowie State University Influence Operations National Innovation Center (BIONIC) initiative includes strategic partners Forward Edge-AI, Inc., a minority-owned small business located in San Antonio, Texas, Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation, a minority-owned small business nonprofit located in Washington D.C., and the nonprofit NineTwelve Institute headquartered in Indiana.

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The goal of the BIONIC initiative is to leverage research in Artificial Intelligence, Publicly Available Information, and cognitive/human behavioral sciences to combat adverse misinformation campaigns.

Ken Spedden, General Manager for TDXi stated:

It is a blessing and honor to have co-created the BIONIC initiative in collaboration with our strategic partners. In the last three to five years, we have witnessed an unprecedented and exponential period of growth in misinformation/disinformation campaigns aimed at degrading our National Security posture as well as the social and moral fabric of our country. The BIONIC initiative propels Bowie State University to the front lines of new research and development in this critical area of national need. Equally important, this initiative is expected to have a correlative positive impact by creating new opportunities for the students and faculty of BSU, and potentially other HBCU’s, to participate in new internships, apprenticeships, and career opportunities in advanced technology and science fields. The BIONIC initiative is expected to lead to research funding that aids both continuing education and the application of student ingenuity and brilliance toward solving real-world problems like misinformation/disinformation.

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The BIONIC initiative also provides BSU with the opportunity to open a gateway for HBCU participation at the Hawai’i Pacific Innovation Campus (HI-PIC). The HI-PIC is an Oahu-based Independent Test Organization dedicated to supporting the growth of a robust innovation district in Hawai’i. The HI-PIC’s focus is on bringing leading-edge technology and innovation together to solve hard problems and train the next generation of technologists for high-tech jobs. The HI-PIC is currently supporting the Department of Defense in the Indo-Pacific bringing together cutting-edge technologies and partners to address strategic challenges.

Mr. Spedden further noted, “The funding that can be realized through the BIONIC initiative will not only support students and important research at BSU, but it can also positively impact the university students, citizens, and regional economy of Hawai’i where the HI-PIC is physically located.”

Chief Executive Officer for TDX Corporation, Mr. Christopher Mandregan Jr, added, “The management and employees of TDX Corporation and its subsidiaries truly understand the importance of engaging underserved populations, and to be able to do so as part of a program that will improve our national security posture is a win-win for all involved. We look forward to working closely with our partners on this initiative to address the critical challenges that confront us on the community, regional, and national levels.”

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