INTOO USA, a leading provider of career development and transition solutions, announced the launch of new tools to assist job seekers and employees to help them target opportunities matching their expertise and hone personal branding materials to better represent that experience.

Even before the pandemic, more than six million people chose to change occupations, as writer Allison Pohle noted in her article, “How to Change Careers: Find What to Pursue Next.”[1] Burnout from the pandemic has made this practice only more common. To help both candidates seeking new employment and employees looking for opportunities within their organizations, INTOO now offers a Career Exploration module for exploring career paths.

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The new module provides insights into the skills and experience required for over 1,000 different careers, as well as personality and character traits as they relate to over 7,500 job titles. In addition, over 800 videos offer participants a look into the tasks and responsibilities of 1,000 positions. As a result, participants can more easily pinpoint appropriate and/or desirable new career directions or the skills needed to take the next steps in their current career paths.

In his article on[2], Tom Vander Ark notes that more employers are turning to skills-based hiring to combat inequity and build diversity, as well as to fill roles with skilled but otherwise disqualified candidates, with many educators taking note and aligning curriculums to prepare future members of the workforce. INTOO’s new tools take this practice into consideration by enabling candidates to discover their strengths and express them in a way that will get them noticed by hiring managers.

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INTOO program participants will now have access to a new database of over 5,000 career-mapped skills to bolster their resumes, cover letters, and pitch statements. Job seekers can rank their experience level to appropriately highlight these skills to hiring managers and employers. In addition, new skills assessments will help participants to identify their strongest skills and point them to resources to build upon them. While the assessment results indicate which courses would be most helpful among the 150,000+ from edX, Coursera and Udemy accessed through the platform, INTOO’s career coaches provide additional direction by using the results to help participants create a strategy for their career journeys.

“INTOO carefully and consistently monitors trends and best practices in hiring and application processes as well as candidate feedback in order to provide tools that are a step ahead. This is how job seekers using our solutions are so successful in their transitions and career development,” says INTOO USA CEO Yair Riemer. “We’re excited to be able to provide continually enhanced offerings to candidates that increase their opportunities for meaningful professional lives.”