Advancing Careers for Engineers and Technical Professionals – Online Leadership Training and the Career Accelerator Program

High value career coaching programs, such as the Online Leadership Training Career Accelerator Program can bring impactful career benefits to individuals. This particular established program has proven to recently help engineers and technical professionals skyrocket their careers and increase income by 20-120% plus signing bonuses and relocation bonuses.


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The Career Accelerator Program™ is specifically catered to career coaching for those in the engineering and technical professional niche. What makes these coaches different from other typical generic career coaches? They have much more than only a background in HR and career coaching. These coaches utilize their actual career experience in engineering/tech and leadership along with career coaching experience to help those with similar specialized backgrounds achieve their career goals. The coaches have a unique knowledge of where clients are in their career and how to help them excel. The return on investment for this coaching can result in you being happier at work, and result in significant pay increases for a new job.

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Here are a few recent program reviews illustrating the program success:
-“I thought I was getting a lot of recruiter hits on my own, but am amazed at how much more I am seeing now that we’ve worked through the Career Accelerator resume and online profile optimization process to get me in front of peers.” 
-“My coach was an excellent help in optimizing my resume, LinkedIn, and Job Board profiles based on my career focus. I’ve gained a lot more visibility and reach to the recruiters than before. His interview preparation materials are top-notch; they are very similar to real-world scenarios. Also, before any of my interviews, my coach would check the job description, perform his homework, and set up one-to-one practice interview(s). He would provide his feedback for improvements and the practice interviews would go on until you feel confident.”

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