Work Shield Strengthens Fight Against Workplace Toxicity Through Partnership With RSquared

Artificial Intelligence Platform Identifies Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Issues; Work Shield Solves Them

Work Shield and RSquared announced a strategic partnership combining their human and data-driven approaches as a complete solution to combat workplace harassment and discrimination. Work Shield’s reporting, investigation and resolution services paired with RSquared’s cloud-based artificial intelligence platform will allow for quicker identification, analysis, and resolution of toxicity and inappropriate workplace behavior. This means better companies and cultures, as RSquared identifies issues and Work Shield resolves them.

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Work Shield is the only benefits-focused solution that utilizes specialized legal professionals and an innovative technology platform to investigate and resolve workplace harassment and discrimination issues. With Work Shield, employees have access to an immediate and impartial platform to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents without fear of retaliation, and employers have peace of mind that issues are investigated and resolved efficiently, risk is mitigated, and company culture is protected.

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Work Shield’s solution can now be provided to all existing RSquared clients, and clients of Work Shield will have access to RSquared’s artificial intelligence capabilities. RSquared utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide secure monitoring and analysis of email, instant messaging and other digital communications, giving employers valuable insight on employee engagement, sentiment and attitude. The trends and data identified by RSquared’s platform will allow Work Shield-certified legal professionals to analyze the activity of individuals involved in investigations and determine patterns of toxic behavior.

With diversity and inclusion more important than ever, this partnership is the first of its kind to provide employers with valuable metrics and data surrounding employee satisfaction while demonstrating employer proactivity and heightened security for employees.

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