Edge Launches AI Tools to Boost Employee-Led Growth for Multi-location Service Brands

AI tools streamline daily marketing tasks and improve employee motivation for franchise and service-based businesses.

Edge, the leading employee-driven growth platform for franchise and service brands, today announced the launch of AI tools that unlocks a new level of employee productivity and operational insights. The AI opportunity for franchisees and service businesses is unlimited, but achieving this level of productivity was limited by a disconnect between technology and human capital.

Edge’s continuous employee rewards ushers in a new era of employee-driven growth by integrating AI that drives business growth and employee motivation for franchise & service brands.

“Franchisees and service business owners have daily time-intensive marketing tasks across hundreds or thousands of locations.” said Raymond Weisberg, CEO and co-founder of Edge. “Our AI-enhanced platform unlocks a new level of employee productivity making tasks like crafting authentic responses to thousands of online reviews much faster and scalable.”

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Edge improves employee productivity by crafting on-brand and AI assisted replies for thousands of online reviews and customer feedback. For business owners, Edge boosts team motivation by surfacing operational improvements and employee training opportunities from customer feedback data across a single or thousands of locations.

“Edge’s enhancements give us the option to easily respond to customer reviews with AI-enhanced review responses and acknowledge our customers while staying on brand,” said David Craig, President at MRKT, The Agency. “We strive to continuously learn from valuable feedback provided by our customers and Edge’s AI-powered reporting gives us valuable operational insights from thousands of online reviews in a single platform.”

As a pioneer of employee-driven growth, Edge’s AI-enhanced platform continues a torrid wave of innovation for multi-location brands and their frontline employees.

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