HR Tech Predictions 2022: DIY AI to Accelerate AI Deployments Across Organization

Organizations are becoming more Cloud-centric to prepare for the future. The future of business hinges on how well these organizations manage to bring together contemporary Cloud frameworks for complex AI deployments. To understand how organizations should plan for the future in 2022, we spoke with Rodrigo Liang, CEO, and co-founder of AI company and innovation platform SambaNova Systems. 

Prior to co-founding SambaNova, Rodrigo was Senior Vice-President responsible for SPARC Processor and ASIC Development at Oracle.

Let’s hear from Rodrigo.

Why is AI deployment key to survival in 2022?

Rodrigo Liang: While 2021 was a massive year for AI, the race for AI deployment will really take off across industries in 2022. Companies would move away from DIY AI to accelerate AI deployments.

Organizations recognize the talent shortage and internal inertia to technology advancements adds significant performance risk. As a result, traction for AI-as-a-Service expands allowing for investment in applying insights over creating those insights. How many companies are going to be able to afford to hire hundreds of people just to manage one model and have thousands of GPUs interconnected to run one thing?

Which industries would deploy AI in a transformative way?

Rodrigo Liang: I think Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Manufacturing deploy AI in transformative ways that alter how operations are run and revenue is grown, and never look back.

Just like how the internet changed every facet of commercial transactions, AI will have the same level, if not more so, of an impact.  These industries will move from test deployments to production and will earn the returns promised with AI.

Which AI capability are you keenly following and why?

Rodrigo Liang: AI-enabled devices.

AI-enabled devices will have contextual understanding – changing forever how we interact with devices.

AI using Natural Language Processing models will be able to provide context to your devices, whereby they will be able to understand the meaning behind what you’re asking them to do or remember.

What are the major challenges for companies that are looking to invest in AI deployment in 2022?

Rodrigo Liang:  Organizations want it all, all their data that is; so AI solutions that gain market traction will be those that support large models.

Chopping up data so that legacy systems can process the data will become a process of the past.

Industries like banking need to see all the risk, not part of the risk; healthcare professionals need to see the entire medical image, not segments of it, and e-commerce recommendations need to be at the individual level, not extrapolations of a larger set. Purpose-built AI solutions, especially those offering a complete solution increasingly will be called upon to meet the needs of data-intensive organizations.

Thank you so much Rodrigo for chatting with us. We look forward to speaking with you again!