Diversified Maintenance Introduces Accessible and Innovative Approach to Safety Training

Diversified Maintenance, a leading company providing facilities maintenance services, announced a new training initiative developed by the Company’s award-winning Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team. This training initiative is designed to include 100 focused, single-issue training topics that provide front-end employees a concise but effective overview of key safety topics through training videos and presentations.

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Occupational health and safety is a core value for the facilities maintenance industry. As one of the few companies committed to delivering services that are safe for its employees and customers, Diversified Maintenance has introduced a new safety training initiative for its workforce to eliminate or minimize a number of possible risks and hazards related to the nature of their services and scope of work.

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“Diversified has always emphasized on using compelling methodologies for employee training that give the business a competitive edge as it adapts to the rapidly changing customer demands and expectations. Our new safety training approach aligns with our company values and best practices. With safety as a priority for all front-end employees, we are addressing the concerns of limited time available to attend long hours of refresher training on safety topics. With the virtual availability through cell phones and smartphones, EHS team has prepared effective one-minute safety training topics including slips and falls, hazard communication, chemical safety, PPE, infection prevention, driver safety, emergency evacuation and fire safety, working from heights, industrial safety, among several others,” said, Rob Duncan, EHS Director, Diversified Maintenance.

The Company has emphasized that the full, comprehensive training program with rigorous and formal standards will continue to be executed for all new employees, while the new short topics are intended to supplement and refresh existing training modules.

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