EquityBee Annual Ranking: Most Wanted Employee Stock Options Are Airbnb, Robinhood and Stripe

EquityBee, the startup employees stock options funding solution, has ranked the hottest high-growth companies in 2020 using data from its Investor Community, indicating which companies have the most wanted employee stock options. This ranking can be used to assist startup employees in deciding which companies are most likely to succeed in the next few years.

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The hottest employee stock options for 2020 are:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Robinhood
  3. Stripe
  4. Impossible Foods
  5. Carta
  6. Instacart
  7. Databricks
  8. Houzz
  9. Doordash
  10. Monday.com

The ranking is based on the interest expressed by EquityBee Investor Community, composed of 6,500 accredited investors. The community has grown 600% during 2020.

Most startup employees have a form of a “bank account” that they do not have access to. These “bank accounts” are their startup equity, their employee stock options. 55% of startup employees do not exercise their stock options every year, forgoing over $30B. Yet, owning equity at the RIGHT company can be a life changing event.

“2020 and its market uncertainty has led to investors modifying their investment strategy, increasing interest in employee stock options. Investors are identifying the opportunity that lies in investing in startups that are in fields that are expected to grow over the next few years,” says Oren Barzilai, CEO and Co-Founder of EquityBee. “As for startup employees, 2020 was the year in which startups had to tighten the belt. Thus, Employee stock options were used to incentivize employees. Stock options at the RIGHT company which is expected to grow and succeed over the next few years might turn out to be an attractive reward. EquityBee’s list can serve employees who are contemplating a new years’ resolution to find a new job and could use this ranking to determine which companies might be the ‘right’ companies to lead them to a life changing event.”

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