Using Talent Acquisition Technology to Transform your Recruiting the Right Way

Despite innovations in HR Technology, one key element in the talent acquisition process still remains the same – the need for a human touch. For larger enterprise teams though who have a globally dispersed workforce and hundreds of hiring needs and positions to fill on a regular basis, ensuring that the technology used to drive talent acquisition practices for the whole organization is implemented and aligned to multiple business needs is the main element in driving success in a recruiting strategy.

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Talent acquisition technology helps global teams automate multiple mundane stages of the global recruiting process, it helps ensure the recruiting process for the entire worldwide team is structured, drives better assessment of multiple candidates at the same time.

How does using the right HR technology help drive talent acquisition?

Widens the Candidate Network

Broadening the net for talent recruitment helps organizations dip into a global talent pool, the right technology can help local HR teams of global enterprise companies shortlist candidates for roles across the organization’s worldwide offices thereby enabling a hiring process that is not limited to a local area or talent pool for both parties. Global organizations, when they use the right integrated systems can dip into the data saved by teams in other offices making it easier to access information of candidates interviewed for similar roles in other company offices.

This eventually boosts hiring output by effectively reducing the time taken to fill vacant positions.

Boosts Employer Branding

It’s been said often enough, in today’s business environment, ensuring a dynamic customer experience and employee experience is key to growth. But how does HR technology in talent acquisition help boost employer branding?

The right talent acquisition technology helps hiring teams pull those candidates (from a global talent pool) based on their current skills, future capabilities and potential to fit into the role well besides helping to shortlist candidates on other requirements. In turn, this data driven hiring insight can lead to a better match between skilled candidates and the vacancy – the right HR technology helps match only those best-fit profiles based on specific requirements.  When global organizations (enterprise brands that are often the goal for job seekers) have integrated HR technologies in place for the global hiring teams to access, the technology plays an important role in feeding the right candidates into the system limiting the numbers of failed applicants versus hired candidates ratio.

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More Insights on Candidates Than Paper or Word Resumes

Today’s candidates have the option of creating innovative online profiles, blogs about themselves or even creative social pages that tell their journey and story. However, in most cases, candidates will still have to share an actual resume in support of all of this.

Technology driven talent acquisition models allows organizations to get a more holistic view of candidates at a time when they already need to fill hundreds of positions at a time. The technology allows this comprehensive overview in a quick, instant and seamless manner and provides more information at a glance with good visualization, providing more information at a glance than a standard resume would.

This allows hiring managers to have better conversations with their candidates because they can understand them more and this improves the overall hiring productivity and candidate-HR relationship right from the start.

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