HR Technology Highlights – A TecHRseries Round-Up For 13-July-2020: Featuring Metlife, Microsoft, Hibob, ServiceNow And Much More…

As the global economy tries to bounce back from the impacts of the Covid-19 effects, the world is soon going to adapt to a different economy, one where priorities will be rethought and reshaped and where working cultures will change completely …as the global workforce rides through this evolving phase, tech and HR Tech companies are keeping pace with new innovations and capabilities.

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I think there are many companies who are trying to eliminate the wage gap, but there are a few mindsets that get in the way. The fact that men ask for raises (and receive them) more frequently than women also hampers this situation. It is critical for companies to use their data to drive their decisions on pay and fairness. When senior leaders are committed to gender balance, and a successfully implemented strategy for achieving it is in place, then you will begin to see more women rise up through the ranks to join the executive team.->Kelly Lockwood Primus, CEO & President, at Leading Women

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HR tech and associated tech providers are trying their best to help businesses optimize processes to try and overcome the business challenges being felt in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, to that end,

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It is not business as usual today. A laptop and Zoom at home don’t replicate what employees are accustomed to. We should all be doing everything we can to protect employment, and the best way to do that is to help employees succeed in an environment that is both familiar and alien at the very same time.




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