Banty’s Scott Wilson on What Makes Virtual Meetings Necessary for Most Businesses

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies and employees alike have adjusted their routines in order to respect the varying health and safety protocols. However, just because being in an office as a team is not currently as possible as it once was, that doesn’t mean workflow needs to suffer.

Companies that have continued to thrive throughout these trying times turned to virtual meeting solutions like Banty to get business done. Together, they realized the personal connection that staff members need to have with one another can still take place in an online meeting environment.

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Scott Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of virtual meeting solution Banty Inc., has been connecting with his staff remotely throughout the pandemic. Over time, he has come to learn that virtual meetings are necessary for most businesses because:

  • Virtual meetings heighten productivity: When a staff is working remotely from one another, a team’s rhythm can be interrupted if not handled properly. Thus, having a steady schedule of virtual meetings can help staff understand the nature of all projects being worked on, who is responsible for what, important timelines, as well as what internal expectations are. By not connecting with one another regularly, certain employees and/or supervisors may not have an accurate handle on everything that needs to be accomplished
  • In-person is not always possible: Even as health and safety protocols shift throughout the world, it has to be understood – now more than ever – that in-person meetings with staff and clients are not always possible. As such, having a quality virtual meeting solution at a company’s disposal allows it to have an alternative that still feels up-close and personal. While convenient, communicating over the phone, email, or instant messaging does not always lead to the best results
  • Companies can expand their talent pool: For years, so many companies felt the need to focus solely on hiring a relatively localized staff. Unfortunately, the trouble with this strategy was that it didn’t always connect a company to the best candidates available. Now that virtual meeting tools are becoming more and more commonplace in the business world, companies can now hire individuals who reside a great distance from headquarters, but still be able to effectively communicate with them on a day-to-day basis.

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“At this point, it is very tough to argue that having a virtual meeting solution like Banty at a workplace is not a viable business tool,” offers Wilson. “So many companies nowadays rely on such technology to ensure the team is connected with one another and that productivity expectations are not just being met, but being exceeded. There is just something about video calling that adds a wholly positive vibe to how a company functions.”

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