Banty’s Scott Wilson Discusses How Virtual Meetings Can Help Companies Expand Their Reach

In business, it is always important for companies to find new ways to expand their reach. Successfully doing this allows them to not just generate higher revenues, but also keep its workforce enthused about the future.

What has helped companies expand their reach of late has been the widespread acceptance and usage of virtual meetings. This technology has made it easier for companies to forge relationships and push themselves into avenues they otherwise might not have travelled down.

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Scott Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of virtual meeting solution Banty Inc., has firsthand experience seeing how such technology can uplift a business. More specifically, there are many ways in which Wilson thinks video calls can help a company experience growth, including:

  • An expanded talent pool: When a company uses a trusted and easy virtual meeting solution like Banty, it can expand its remote employee roster with confidence. You see, having the ability to easily connect with these individuals on regular video calls makes effective project collaboration far more realistic than conferring over the phone or via email. As a result, deadlines are not just met, but the work will continue to be completed by the best available talent regardless of their location.
  • Fostering better relationships with international partners: To expand a company, doing business with partners on an international level is a must. Thanks to the growing acceptance and usage of virtual meetings, it has become much simpler for companies based a great distance from one another to work together efficiently. While time zone considerations will always have to be made, virtual meetings still prove to be the best method for a company to grow relationships beyond its own borders
  • A better organized company: No matter the size of a company, it is easy for employees to get, or feel, disorganized. This can happen when too many projects are on-the-go at once, or project teams lack proper leadership. One way to help get everyone on the same page (and keep them there) is having regular virtual meetings with the necessary parties. This allows everyone to ask the questions they need to, in order to understand what their next steps are. What’s more, it encourages employee communication at times in which individuals have the tendency to isolate themselves in their work until the job is done. A more organized – and consequently more communicable company – is more likely to successfully broaden its horizons

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“What makes virtual meetings a fantastic tool for companies of all shapes and sizes is its ability to help them expand their reach,” offers Wilson. “Not only does this technology make it easier for relationships to be grown and managed, it also helps teams stay on their toes during their busiest times. The positive impact virtual meetings can have on business growth is immense.”

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