Banty CEO Scott Wilson Explains How Virtual Meetings Can Help New Employees

In today’s working world, not all employees are of the in-house variety. Thanks to the consistent enhancement of virtual meeting technology, more and more workers are able to successfully perform their jobs from the comfort of home.

On a base level, virtual meetings make it possible for employers and employees to easily connect with one another in a more personalized way than email. However, there is so much more that this workplace technology is capable of.

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Scott Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of virtual meeting solution Banty Inc., has operated several businesses in which staff are trusted to work remotely. Over time he’s come to discover having regular video calls with new employees can help them in multiple ways, including:

  • Team bonding: When an individual joins a company, building relationships internally is important and can prove challenging in a remote employment scenario. However, if your company encourages hosting virtual meetings as often as necessary, this will help new employees bond with existing team members and feel much more comfortable in their new working environment. This type of comfort can ultimately lead to better work being completed by the new hire
  • Learning about the business: A recently added employee can only know so much about a company until they are a part of it. Having them included in frequent virtual meetings allows these individuals to gain a quicker understanding about what the company is about, as well as how it functions. What’s more, they gain the opportunity to best understand workflows and how different departments operate
  • Gaining better project clarity: The first few projects an employee is given by their new employer can be stressful. There is an immediate desire to impress and a heightened fear of failure. However, when these initial projects are discussed and broken down over one – or multiple – virtual meetings, the employee will be able to converse with the team to gain a better perspective on project expectations and deadlines
  • Showing what they can do: At a new job, it’s always important for the employee to show their teammates what they can do. Frequent virtual meetings make it possible for fresh hires to share their expertise, perspectives and business strategies that may not have been previously expressed within previous meetings. Showing such professional strengths will quickly endear the individual to the group
  • “Virtual meetings are the perfect place for a new employee to learn the inner workings of their new company, as well as showcase their skills,” adds Wilson. “When companies welcome talent to their team, they should always include them in as many of these online gatherings as possible.”

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