Banty CEO Scott Wilson Discusses How Frequent Video Calls Keep Staff Organized

  • For Years Upon Years, Staff Meetings Exclusively Happened Within Office Spaces and Boardrooms. Now, However, Many of These Meetings Are Taking Place in a Virtual Environment. Considering the Video Call Technology Available to So Many Companies, Why Wouldn’t They Go This Route?

Now, some might argue that online meetings do not bear as much fruit as those that happen in-person. In reality, though, virtual meetings are productive in a number of ways, especially as it relates to helping staff stay organized.

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Scott Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of video conferencing solution Banty Inc., employs a number of remote workers. As such, experience has taught him that meeting with them regularly online results in a more organized workforce. This is how:

  • Project clarity: While some emails effectively communicate project requirements and deadlines, not all of them do. One of the simplest ways to keep a co-worker up to speed about what’s needed from them for a project, is to have a video call together. Here, questions can be asked and ideas bandied about. By the end of it, those involved in such a virtual meeting will feel much more organized as they work through a project’s next steps
  • Opening lines of communication: When members of any workforce perform their duties from home, it is not always easy to establish proper relationships with co-workers and management. However, by participating in frequent virtual meetings, these individuals will get to know each other better on both a personal and professional level. As a result, communication will be better, thus making it easier to coordinate duties and stay organized as they’re being performed
  • Accountability comes to the forefront: Staff who do not work in the same environment sometimes perform like a lone wolf, as opposed to a team player. When this happens, accountability can be lost in the shuffle. As a result, if one individual is disorganized in the way they work, that could negatively impact others on the team. Thus, having more video conferencing sessions is important as they help staff learn that in order to stay organized and on the same page, everyone needs to work together
  • Screen sharing puts everything into perspective: Using a virtual meeting solution’s screen share feature helps everyone see what a specific team member is working on. Having this visual can better inform everyone on the status of a project, as well as how everyone being organized and on-task can help it go to the next level

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“Not everyone is naturally organized, but having frequent virtual meetings is a great way to adjust someone’s behaviour,” adds Wilson. “The more video calls a staff can have together, the better organized a company’s workflow can be.”

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