With Coronavirus Concerns on the Rise, WorkMerk Adapts Its Workforce Management Software to Support Organizations

WorkMerk’s “VirusSafe Pro” Offers Workplace Checklists and Provides Task Verification that Guides Workers To Perform Timely Health and Safety Compliance Measures

WorkMerk announced that it was adapting its existing workforce management software to support organizations as they prepare for the risks presented by the spread of Coronavirus to keep their work and public environments safe.

WorkMerk’s newly configured  “VirusSafe Pro” solution will provide companies, regardless of size and industry, with a web-based, mobile technology that empowers an organization’s managers to effectively plan and manage workplace safety by ensuring that their personnel receive in real-time updated safety checklists (e.g., health safety) and health safety communications that have updated policies and protocols.

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Advances in technology continue to improve business processes, but often are not focused on assisting personnel with timely changes in tasks critical to the overall success of an organization. WorkMerk, with its suite of solutions, aims to improve the worker experience through clear messages and task validationboth of which are vital to creating and encouraging good habits.  In the context of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, “VirusSafe Pro” will also give managers access to a dashboard that provides historical and daily verification of critical health safety tasks like cleaning of various assets (e.g., common spaces, door handles, countertops, etc.).

“We know that better habits lead to better outcomes. Under normal conditions, good habits are important, but in a crisis good habits are critical,” said John New, founder and CEO of WorkMerk.  “We’re good neighbors and we want to share our technology in a way that will help organizations throughout the Philadelphia region. Whether they’re in healthcare, education, hospitality, food service or any other industry, we can help them protect their personnel and their customers.  Part of our corporate pledge is to “Contribute More to those around us,” and sharing our tech – in this way – at this time – just made immediate sense to us – it’s core to who we are.”

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WorkMerk will be using the “VirusSafe Pro” technology at its own meeting and conference facility, and is doubling down with its clients, offering them access to “VirusSafePro.”  WorkMerk will also offer zero-fee enrollment for new clients, including a month of free access to the software’s checklist and task verification features.

“VirusSafe Pro” is a direct response to the Coronavirus and a focused configuration of WorkMerk’s existing robust workSMART workforce management software offering the following immediate benefits:

  • VirusSafe Pro simply and effectively closes the information gap in the workplace;
  • VirusSafe Pro helps build good habits and validates task completion;
  • With VirusSafe Pro, managers can provide timely updates to their stakeholders from credible sources; and
  • VirusSafe Pro provides an easy to read dashboard and cumulative analytics.

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