The Best Coding Bootcamp Le Wagon Introduces a Career-Enhancing Data Analytics Course for 2023, Addressing the Skills Gap

The world leader in immersive technology training, Le Wagon, has announced a new Data Analytics course for 2023. The new program will provide aspiring data analysts with the tools and skills they need to source, transform, and visualize data. People starting their own businesses, recent graduates, and career changers looking for new opportunities can all benefit from this course.

As the technology skills gap widens, industry organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about a shortage of available talent. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, traditional higher education avenues would produce only 10,000 potential data scientists per year, far less than the current demand. Furthermore, study from Le Wagon found that one in two (49%) people in the UK are looking for a “career tilt”. This bootcamp bridges the gap by allowing people to change careers and re-skill into roles that companies are struggling to fill.

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The course has been designed for both beginners and experienced professionals by the 4.98/5 rated coding bootcamp. Data Analytics teaches people the skills they need to effectively collect, extract, and communicate data insights. Students learn how to use a variety of platforms, tools, and coding languages, such as Python and SQL for large data sets analysis and Power BI and Google Data Studio for data visualization.

“Leading companies no longer see themselves as services and products, but data-centric organizations where data is at the core of every single decision they make. I’m proud to see our Data Analytics course launch in the UK. This new course will empower students to transform businesses through data and also close the large skills gap for employers too.” revealed Andrew Moffat, General Manager at Le Wagon UK.

Understanding and using large datasets to make critical business decisions is critical for companies to remain competitive. The new course is designed to improve people’s ability to generate actionable insights that can propel a company forward. This is why businesses are competing for people who can assist them in making sense of the data they have. The new Data Analytics course will be accessible at all Le Wagon locations worldwide, both in person and online. Classes will be taught by experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

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Harry Bremner, Alumni and founder of Tuggs, shared his thoughts on studying at Le Wagon “The intensity, depth and practicality of the learning gave me the confidence to start my own tech company. Le Wagon’s bootcamp enables career pivoters and entrepreneurs like me to apply their transferable knowledge to their dreams.

They are working to address the alarmingly widening technological skills gap while also providing people with access to higher earning potential. It’s this rationale of why I looked at this alternative avenue to traditional education, to jump-start my professional aspirations.”

Le Wagon graduates are supported by a community of over 18,800 Alumni. Graduates can expect prospects with new companies in ‘world-first’ start-ups and industry-leading bodies when coupled with post-bootcamp career support from teachers and tech recruiters.

The coding bootcamp is reputed for providing students with hands-on, practical experience, which leads to graduate potentials with starting salaries of £49,000. Most students find work within a month of completing the bootcamp (average 34 days). This new Data Analytics course will be no different, with an emphasis on real-world projects and case studies.

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