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Leading Corporate Board Members Talk Diversity in BoardProspects Webinar

Board members come together to share insights on how corporate boards are becoming more diverse and bringing new perspectives to the boardroom

Corporate board members and Wall Street are increasingly recognizing the need for a more diverse boardroom, not only to respond to public demand, but also to bring a fresh perspective to outdated corporate strategies. BoardProspects, an innovative software platform designed to help corporations cost-effectively recruit world-class board members, will be bringing together some of the most prominent board members in corporate America in a free, live webinar to share their insights into board diversity, and how this important topic will continue to unfold in the new year.

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The webinar will reflect BoardProspects’ own diverse membership, and will be moderated by DeForest Soaries, who is a board member at Ocwen Financial, Independence Realty Trust, and Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. The virtual event will also feature panelists: Irene Chang Britt, board member at Dunkin Brands; Ken Denman, board member at Costco; Teri McClure, board member at JetBlue; General Larry Spencer, board member at Whirlpool; Lynn Utter, board member at Lincoln Financial; and Ralph de la Vega, board member at American Express.

“The way corporations have identified board candidates has not changed in decades, and it has always been slow, expensive, and dominated by insiders,” said Mark Rogers, President and CEO of BoardProspects. “The push to change this outdated model has been driven recently by legislators, activists, shareholders, and corporate customers, and now, by the board members themselves. In this webinar, we will hear from some of the world’s leading board members why they think this outdated model has to change.”

Competition for highly qualified and diverse board candidates has grown significantly during the past year. Research has shown that building a diverse board represents much more than “checking the box” of diversity, with research showing those companies which have achieved a higher level of diversity have also improved shareholder ROI.

“Board recruitment is rapidly changing as a result of the strong business case for diversity,” said Rogers. “BoardProspects delivers a new platform for corporations to recruit highly qualified, diverse board members outside of the traditional insider’s methodology. We are especially pleased to bring together this remarkable mix of diverse board members in this live webinar for a lively discussion on recent developments in board diversity, why corporations must embrace it, and what they see unfolding in the year ahead.”

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