TalentReef Major Product Release Enables the Service Industry to Recruit and Hire 77% Faster

TalentReef, a leading provider of talent management solutions, has delivered three new cloud-native features in their Spring Release that combat some of today’s most pressing recruiting and hiring challenges for organizations that rely on the hourly workforce.

As the pandemic begins to wane and more businesses open, the current shortage of available hourly workers dictates the need for speed, efficiency, and engagement in the hiring process. Hiring managers and recruiters need a solution that quickly helps source applicants, automatically engages and communicates with qualified candidates, and digitally onboards new employees—leveraging the hiring managers’ time and allowing them to focus on running the day-to-day aspects of their business.

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TalentReef’s major product release will enhance the service industry’s ability to easily reach, engage and hire high quality candidates. It also improves and streamlines the hiring process by providing hiring managers and recruiters with real-time insights for smarter and faster hiring decision-making through the following features:

  • Fast Apply(SM)
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Two-way text communications

Current TalentReef customers that have deployed these new features have decreased overall recruiting time by up to 84 percent, saving hiring managers and recruiters countless hours attempting to drive applicant flow and sort through applications to find the best candidates.

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“Today’s shortage of hourly workers exacerbates the recruiting challenges and emphasizes the need for speed and engagement,” said Richard Crawford, TalentReef CEO. “Built on our deep industry expertise and our comprehensive talent management platform, our Spring Release delivers the innovations the service industry needs to compete for the best hourly talent now and in the future.”

To kick-off the Spring Product Release, TalentReef will be hosting a webinar featuring Adam Seubert, Sr. Vice President of Product Management for TalentReef, on June 17, 2021, at 10:00 am PT to discuss the benefits of the new product release and provide a 2021-2022 outlook on the TalentReef Product Innovation Roadmap.

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