internXL Partners with’s FYI (Focus Your Ideas) Platform to Connect Top College Talent with an Integrated AI-Powered Tool for Creative Collaboration

internXL has announced a new partnership with FYI (Focus Your Ideas), an AI-powered platform co-founded by creative artist, entrepreneur, and futurist, & tech innovator, Sunil Reddy. This collaboration aims to tap into the rich pool of diverse, pre-vetted talent that internXL cultivates, aligning with’s commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators and tech leaders.

internXL has distinguished itself with a robust AI-driven platform that streamlines the matching of top employers with skilled, entry-level candidates. By leveraging advanced algorithms, internXL analyzes candidates’ qualifications against job requirements to ensure an ideal match, reducing hiring times and promoting a more inclusive workforce.

The platform’s AI-generated recommendations consider various factors such as educational background, career aspirations, cognitive abilities, personality, and learning style – ensuring employers cannot use single data to exclude students. The recommendations serve as a starting point for employers, but partners can consider the full pool of candidates who meet the basic criteria.

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The internXL initiative leverages technology and offers personalized support services for candidates requiring extra assistance to meet job requirements. The internXL Academy also addresses any student skill gaps by providing access to over 4,000 free courses and certifications. This approach effectively tackles potential biases in candidate management.

The partnership is expected to open new avenues for students and recent graduates, particularly from communities traditionally lacking access to opportunities, providing them with invaluable work experiences and exposure in the AI and prompt engineering industry. Through collaborating with FYI, internXL scholars will have exclusive access to creative cutting-edge projects and mentorship from leading experts in the field, accelerating their careers in technology.

“Joining forces with Robert F. Smith, alongside internXL and FYI, is a dream come true because it shows people from our communities what our future will look like with the support of purpose-driven tech,” said “By being solution-oriented, we prepare today’s generation to be the industry-makers of tomorrow. The aim is to focus our ideas with AI to solve yesterday’s problems; the future starts today.”

“Working with FYI and is a significant step forward in our mission,” said Ivana Jackson, Director of internXL. “His passion for innovation, creativity, and social impact is perfectly aligned with our goals. Together, we are set to redefine how young talent is discovered and nurtured in the growing artificial intelligence industry.”

The partnership will also involve various initiatives and programs aimed at providing practical skills, training and career opportunities for college students. With’s influential network and internXL’s connection to more than thirty thousand students, this joint effort is poised to make a substantial difference in the lives of many aspiring young professionals.

“Through this partnership, we want every young person with the drive, talent and commitment to have exposure to career opportunities that could change their life – just like my first internship experience did for me. Together, we will prepare students for in-demand fields and empower them to lead in our growing economy,” said Robert F. Smith, Founding Director of Fund II Foundation.

Robert F. Smith joins on Presents: The FYI Show on SiriusXM The 10’s Spot. Will and his AI co-star, FYIona, chat with Robert about internXL and how he has made it his mission to use his resources to solve problems of communities in need. You can hear Presents: The FYI Show Episode 19: Robert F. Smith on internXL on demand on the SiriusXM app.

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