Sense Discover Combines AI-Driven Job Matching With Engagement Tools to Create a More Personalized Recruiting Experience

  • More accurately connects people with jobs and jobs with people

Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement and communication solutions for recruiting, announced the release of Sense Discover. This new solution is an automated, intuitive match function that more efficiently connects people with jobs and jobs with people.

“By integrating AI natural language engagement to more intelligently search and match, talent acquisition teams will save time and achieve better results”

Until now, only a handful of large scale enterprises had the means and capability to afford a customized search and match solution to address the cumbersome process of large scale hiring where recruiters and candidates are operating in their own silos. As a result, the average company looking to hire was burdened with a process that is disjointed with little to no interaction between the two. Sense Discover was created to democratize the hiring process by providing an all-inclusive and automated search and match solution that improves the recruitment life cycle.

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“One of the most time-consuming, and expensive, aspects of the recruiting process is finding the right candidates to connect with. With Sense Discover, anyone tasked with high volume hiring can more effectively activate their talent pool to ensure they’re connecting with the right talent for the right roles,” said Alex Rosen, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Sense. “By integrating AI natural language engagement to more intelligently search and match, talent acquisition teams will save time and achieve better results,” he added.

The power of Sense Discover lies in its ability to use search and match to intelligently activate a recruiter’s database to source better, screen better and schedule more easily. As a result, Sense Discover activates up to 70% of databases and recruiters are matched with 2-3x the number of qualified candidates. Discover takes advantage of a proprietary AI matching system that can compute the similarities between jobs and candidates and the skills and requirements necessary for a job (beyond a simple keyword matching), rank the best jobs that match those candidates, and provide filtering capabilities to target candidates based on user specified criteria.

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“Sense Discover helps to solve an existing problem talent acquisition and recruiters have been trying to tackle for years, which is, how to proactively get our open jobs in front of candidates through automation,” said Isaac Schild, CEO at Scion Staffing. “Sense has been a game-changer for our company. It’s an incredible product that has allowed us to leverage our existing candidate network – which has saved us valuable time and money,” he added.

In recruiting, Search and Match is table stakes and it needs to be available wherever you go, not just as a siloed solution. Sense Discover achieves this by integrating Search and Match throughout all engagement tools, including conversational AI chatbots, automated email and SMS workflows, and two-way texting.

The Recruitment Life Cycle with Sense Discover includes:

1) Sourcing and attraction
2) Internal mobility and redeployment
3) Reactivation

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