Radancy to Place Equity at the Center of all Decisions, Looking Toward a More Inclusive Work Future

Radancy, the global talent technology leader, announced their evolving commitment to Equity within the organization and with their efforts throughout the industry.

Their first step towards advancing this mission is through the investments in their employees. Radancy has experienced tremendous growth globally and is prioritizing the alignment of their new brand with their organizational values.

To increase internal engagement in employee-focused programs and initiatives, Radancy has expanded access to audience-specific groups beginning with the charter of the Women in Leadership Group and the Equity and Openness Affinity Group. These groups aim to create spaces and programming for honest discussions and the format for supporting employees from all walks of life at every stage in their careers. Using these platforms, the workforce will have more exposure to diverse thought-leaders and a variety of perspectives.

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Radancy is also broadening their efficacy in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging by tapping into external expertise that will consult on their cultural awareness and bias training programs. In efforts to build an environment that is inclusive for a variety of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, and disabled identities, Radancy is welcoming Dr. Steve Robbins, the renowned expert on inclusion, innovation, and leadership, to host a live session with their organization. Dr. Robbins uses neuroscience and psychology to demonstrate how brains work regarding biases. He was also named as member of the Together Forward @Work initiative of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), that is focused on addressing racial inequality in the workplace.

“As a life-long student of human behavior, I believe that we do not rise to the heights of our aspirations. We fall to the depths of our routines,” says Steve L. Robbins, Ph.D. “I look forward to helping Radancy place inclusion at the heart of their culture.”

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“This moment requires more than empathy but thoughtful and targeted actions to reimagine what equitable working environments should be,” said Michelle Abbey, President & CEO of Radancy. “We are optimistic in our pursuits of these audacious but necessary goals.”

Radancy is making strides to develop specific goals and objectives regarding sourcing a diverse workforce reflective of the world and their clients, increasing representation of their leadership, and broadening the scope of their vendor relationships to prioritize BIPOC owned businesses. Their goal is to place equity at the center of all their decisions as they look forward to a more inclusive future of work.

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