Procom Announces Successful AI Integration in Talent Acquisition

Procom’s AI tools improve task-specific efficiency in talent acquisition by about 90 percent.

ChatGPT was launched in March 2023, and we had products in the market two months later. It was the fastest time to value adoption in our company’s history.” Those were the words of Kent McCrea, Procom CEO, at the 2024 Procurecon Fireside chat, titled Striking the Balance – AI Integration and Human Expertise in Talent Acquisition.

Kent McCrea says Procom approached the integration of AI in talent acquisition from the perspective of how to make processes faster and create experiences that clients and candidates enjoy interacting with.

By targeting individual steps in the recruiting process, they saw a 90 percent improvement in the areas they specifically targeted, with an overall 20 percent improvement in efficiency across the board.

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Procom says the next five years look bright for AI in talent acquisition and that the industry will continue to adapt as it always does.

Known as a leading provider of contingent workforce solutions, Procom’s latest site revamp also showcases their global talent solutions and services as well as their implementation of artificial intelligence in recruiting.

From SAP to AI, Cybersecurity, DevOps and Cloud, Procom has both long-term staffing and contingent workforce solutions for business across North America. Helping clients manage the entire process through a mix of professional talent management and technology, Procom’s niche expertise is helping global enterprises bridge the talent gap. With the latest integration of their AI tools, the process is becoming more user-friendly and expedient.

Introducing Procom: Global Talent Solutions

With over 45 years of recruitment experience, 20,000 jobs worked annually and 12,500 contractors currently on assignment, Procom’s focus on niche IT talent ensures that client budgets go further. Helping clients gain access to North American oversight for added peace of mind, Procom handles the compliance and management aspects so organizations can focus on what they do best.

Fortune 500 companies place their trust in Procom to provide expert talent across various specialties, including SAP, Security, DevOps, AI, Java, ServiceNow, Big Data, and Project Management. They continue to be strategic partners in achieving IT success, adopting AI technology and solving talent shortages across industries.

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