Staffing Firm Launches Strategy to Achieve True Diversity in Global Contingent Workforce Programs

Tundra Technical Solutions, a global staffing leader delivering talent acquisition strategies and solutions, has launched its breakthrough ‘True Talent’ program. By using technology and advanced analytics, True Talent aims to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of contractor talent communities.

Freelancers or gig workers increasingly make up to 40 per cent of some organizations’ total workforce, and that number is set to grow post-COVID. With many companies prioritizing DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) within full-time hiring practices, Tundra tackles the complexities of diversifying contract worker supply to truly reflect local demographic data.

For example, if census data shows women make up 51 per cent of the local working population, then True Talent focusses on building a database of talent to reflect the same percentage of women in employers’ talent communities.

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To accomplish this, Tundra’s True Talent solution, the first of its kind, plans to execute on four initiatives: Train, Track, integrate Technology, and Thrive.

“True Talent combines DE&I trained recruiters, DE&I data and analytics, talent community integrations, and tailored outreach programs to help clients build true diversity, equity and inclusion in their freelancer or gig worker communities,” said Williams. “We believe it is essential for any workforce program to reflect the current hiring landscape.”

Educating and training recruiters is an ongoing task. Tundra curators and recruiters experience multiple training touchpoints to help understand conscious and unconscious biases, how to be an ally for LGBTQ+ associates, and much more. As some organizations augment their hiring by embedding Tundra recruiters as part of direct sourcing or recruitment process outsourcing, True Talent ensures all curators and recruiters are trained continuously.

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As part of its Total Talent Management Strategy, Tundra, assisted by TalentNet’s direct sourcing software, offers clients access to its own DE&I analytics. This helps companies analyze their talent pools’ diversity to understand if its absence results from candidate selection or supply. Where there is a supply shortage, Tundra creates campaigns with clients aimed at closing the diversity gap. Through this data and tailored DE&I recruitment strategy, any organization can create and maintain its own True Talent Network.

“I believe the best teams are those where people have diversity of thought amongst team members,” said Tundra president Micah Williams. “If you can build teams where not everyone thinks the same, you naturally build very diverse groups.”

By leveraging TalentNet’s direct source platform, Tundra’s True Talent program can integrate with an extensive network of DE&I recruitment partners, automating and circulating job postings made from any ATS or VMS, instantly reaching underrepresented communities.

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