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Prodoscore Research Council Launches, Showcases Benefits of Productivity Intelligence

Leading provider of productivity intelligence software announces new initiative to release data-driven insights that help improve employee performance and growth across organizations

 Prodoscore announces the Prodoscore Research Council,  an esteemed group of HR, Future of Work and productivity experts who will work together to bring visibility to worker productivity, with the ultimate goal of improving employee performance and engagement, and driving success. Prodoscore is the leader in productivity intelligence software, creating a new SaaS category within the technology ecosystem.

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“Prodoscore has married productivity and positive psychology in the workplace,” said Eric Frazer, Psy.D., a member of the research council and Consulting Psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor-Yale University School of Medicine. “The innovation of Prodoscore’s platform lies in its application of proven psychological science to accurately measure human behavior motivators and performance outcomes. My analysis of their system shows they can upscale organizations with a tool that promotes equality for performance appraisals and offers precise and useful insights to elevate team and people performance.”

The initiative’s first report, produced in partnership with a team of Organizational Behavior doctoral students at Claremont Graduate University, sought to better understand what types of decisions can be made with Prodoscore’s data set. The report details opportunities for managing labor flow, performance trends and key indicators, and overall employee engagement.

The Doctoral students used the Prodoscore team as a case study to gather these insights.

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“The value of Prodoscore comes from its potential to allow us to test our organizational theories objectively with the data collected. It empowers us to uncover new insights using data analytic methods common in fields such as econometrics and ecology with information that extends beyond self-reporting biases,” said Adrian Reece, Principal Statistical Consultant and Doctoral Student.

“Prodoscore also allows us to better understand areas in human capital management, such as how to improve work engagement, productivity performance, and data ethics and privacy. Currently, we are looking to examine these areas particularly in the context of diversity, equity and inclusion.” said Lawrence Chan, Research and Analytics Consultant and Doctoral Candidate.

Insights from Prodoscore allow organizations to cluster people based on specific indicators, dynamically showing how similar various groups of performers behave (high, average and low).

In Prodoscore’s case, the data-generated heat map highlighted that average performers spread their time among multiple platforms, while both high and low performers spend more time engaged in a single platform. These differences indicate that high performers are more likely to leverage or develop their strengths through mastery practice design to become more effective, while low performers focus their attention on platforms with smaller returns.

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