Origami Risk Unveils New Online Tools for Employers to Track COVID-19 Vaccinations, Monitor Workplace Outbreaks

As Vaccines Roll-Out, Leading Risk Software Firm Brings Timely Solutions To Heathcare Providers, Nursing Homes, Employers in All Sectors

Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced it has developed new online solutions for healthcare providers, nursing homes and employers in all sectors to track employee COVID-19 vaccinations as well as to monitor and facilitate reporting of workplace outbreaks of the pandemic.

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Origami Risk, the leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service technology firm, unveils new online solutions for employers in healthcare and all sectors to track COVID-19 vaccinations and monitor and facilitate reporting of workplace outbreaks.

The new online tools enable employers in all sectors to track vaccination status of their entire employee population and to monitor designated outbreaks (currently defined by certain state regulators as involving three workers or more at a single location within a 14-day period) at their facilities in all parts of the world for required reporting.

“As the U.S. government and those of other countries around the world roll-out new COVID-19 vaccines to help stem the global pandemic, employers in healthcare and all sectors need reliable tools to track employee inoculations, from initial dosage through timely administration of the required boosters,” said Earne Bentley, president, Risk Solutions at Origami Risk. “We’ve worked closely with several clients to fast-track the vaccination tracking tool so it can implemented by employers on a global scale as soon as the first available vaccines are widely distributed.”

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Meanwhile, Origami’s pandemic outbreak monitoring and reporting tool enables employers to identify and track infection outbreaks at any single location so they can conduct mandated internal and external reporting on a timely basis, as well as initiate quarantining and exposure tracking measures to thwart further spread of infection.

Both tools meet rigorous U.S. and international security standards, and can be readily integrated into an employer’s existing human resource management system (HRMS) or operated and maintained on a stand-alone basis. Furthermore, the vaccine tracking and infection outbreak monitoring tools do not require the use or purchase of Origami Risk’s platform.

The new solutions build on Origami’s award-winning platform-based COVID-19 digital solution suite introduced earlier in the year to address a wide range of employer needs as the pandemic spread rapidly across the U.S. and around the world. In addition to monitoring PPE supplies, fit tests and related employee compliance, the solutions track employee exposures to COVID-19, travel and quarantine, as well as pandemic spread and resulting shutdowns or curtailments affecting individual employer locations, and relevant preparedness and contingency measures, response and communication.

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