Typescouts Launches Platform to Connect International Tech Talent with Employers Amid High Demand for Remote Workers

Studies show a significant increase in remote workers globally, as tech employers seek new ways to connect with tech-focused talent.

Before the COVID pandemic, only 5% of Americans were working from home. Now, at least 20% are working remotely for their employers, with a substantial portion of the world’s workforce now engaged in various forms of remote work. Employers are seeking new ways to connect with cost-effective remote workers in the tech field, and Typescouts has debuted a new platform that answers the call.

Typescouts is a remote hiring agency created by serial entrepreneur Tim Sherstyuk, who has a proven track record in leadership and business growth, with a mission of connecting global brands and small businesses alike with tech-forward remote workers offering a myriad of solutions that are critical for today’s digital world.

All Typescouts remore workers are vigorously vetted, including a full interviewing process, to ensure the perfect fit for hiring companies. There is no risk for employers, as they pay nothing until they hire. Typescouts offers a seamless way for employers to connect with the top 1.3% of global talent without the hassle of posting ads, reading through resumes and letters, and the interview process.

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“At Typescouts, we’re well aware that the world of global talent acquisition is always changing. As new opportunities arise in the industry, so do the chances for businesses to really flourish by connecting with skilled professionals from across the globe. Our goal is to make remote hiring not only affordable but incredibly smooth and efficient. We want every company we work with to find the perfect fit for their team, helping them keep their edge in a competitive market,” said Sherstyuk. “We’re also constantly tweaking our methods to match the pace of market changes and technology, making sure our clients are always a step ahead. Our dedication to staying innovative and striving for excellence will really help Typescouts stand out in this fast-growing field.”

There is a high demand for remote workers in the Philippines and Latin America, and Typescouts is well-versed in seeking out expert talent in Southeast Asia and South America to ensure that employers’ needs are fully met. Plus, Typescouts does so in a way that eliminates the need for employers to trudge through difficult screening processes on their own. According to Typescouts, its team finds talent matches for employers within 4-10 days, and these candidates are all fully English speaking with western culture experience while being a fraction of the cost of U.S.-based employees.

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