The Kelley Group Releases Newly Revised Book, “The Recruiting Conundrum,” to Address Challenges Managers Face When Recruiting Top Talents

The Kelley Group, Intl., a leading provider of training and coaching to the financial services industry, announces the re-release of the financial industry’s only book on recruiting, The Recruiting Conundrum: A Consistent, Disciplined Approach to Attract Top Talent. This updated version, authored by The Kelley Group co-founders, Sarano and Brooke Kelley, provides a step-by-step guide to help managers identify and recruit top advisors to their firm in s challenging environment. To purchase the book, which is now available, click here.

On Wednesday, December 8, the Kelleys are celebrating the re-release of The Recruiting Conundrum with a complimentary webinar where they’ll share the art of identifying the motivating factors that will influence an advisor’s decision to change firms. As a bonus, they’ll be giving free print copies of The Recruiting Conundrum, signed by both authors, to the first 25 managers who register for the event.

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“Bringing new blood into the firm is such an important part of every manager’s job, yet many lack the training they need to do it successfully. ” said Brooke Kelley. “Too often they adopt a shoot-from-the-hip approach that doesn’t produce the results they were hoping for. The Recruiting Conundrum provides a proven process for identifying and engaging key ambassadors who are eager to refer prime candidates.

Supporting Study

As managers proactively adopt this relationship-based process that relies on the use of “relational leverage” and refined communication skills, their pipeline will consistently be filled with prime candidates.  In 2022, The Kelley Group conducted a 90-day study that was performed under controlled conditions to gauge the effect the firm’s process would have on a manager’s ability to recruit top talents. Using the methodology featured in The Recruiting Conundrum, the results, on average, showed:

  • An 802% increase in established advocates who referred recruiting candidates to the managers.
  • A 314% increase in the number of meetings managers had with prospective recruits (virtual and face-to-face).
  • A 372% increase in interested recruits was added to the managers’ pipelines.

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The study was conclusive:  With the proper processes and systems in place, recruiting top candidates is possible even in the midst of a health crisis and turbulent markets.

“The most astute and successful recruiting managers know they can no longer rely on traditional methods to reach advisors,” said Sarano Kelley. “Instead, it’s imperative for them to sharpen their communications skills and engage them in a genuine and forthcoming dialogue. Only by refining their recruiting process, can they excel at the recruiting game.”

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