Symphony Talent Deepens Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Capabilities in SmashFlyX

 Symphony Talent, a global company that helps recruitment leaders transform the talent experience through software and services, released three enhancements to its SmashFlyX Programmatic Recruitment Advertising solution. The new features — goal-based auto-campaigning, Connected TV (CTV) advertising, and global ad hoc job posting — increase ad management efficiency and broaden employer brand awareness in video-based mediums.

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Labor Department recently reported 31.8 million people were claiming unemployment insurance, about 1 in 5 workers. And with more people working and sheltering at home, a recent online study found that 75 percent of respondents are watching more streaming content than before the pandemic.

“There is an exceptional opportunity for organizations to ensure job seekers are aware of the roles they’re hiring for now, as well as roles that may open up down the line,” said Roopesh Nair, CEO of Symphony Talent. “Amidst a lot of uncertainty, companies can still build pipelines of talent for engagement with potential hires.”

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Furthering its breadth and depth of automation and omnimedia campaigning, SmashFlyX’s new features include:

  • Goal-based auto-campaigning: The first completely automated approach to recruitment advertising campaigns.
    • SmashFlyX will automatically search the CRM for well-matched candidates for a job; if there aren’t enough by location or skill, it will recommend or boost advertising spend for that job to increase exposure and generate new applicants.
    • Set your average time-to-fill goals once for every job type upfront, then the platform’s proprietary machine learning will continually compare your actual time-to-fill to your goal time-to-fill, self-optimizing channels and spend to reach it.
  • Connected TV advertising: According to eMarketer, 204 million U.S. viewers are predicted to watch CTV by 2022. Additionally, connected TV ads show consistently higher completion rates (95%) than desktop (75%) and mobile (72%), as they are quick and mostly non-skippable.
    • SmashFlyX targets viewers by occupation on the flat screens they watch every day, from Hulu to Sling TV to CBS News Live. You upload your employer brand video ad, preview it on the appropriate channel, then SmashFlyX automatically tags, tracks and geotargets the campaign.  
    • For example, if you’re a retailer with 500 stores in 16 states, geotargeting automatically sets up a 15-mile, zip code radius around each store, with no manual effort or human input necessary.
  • Global ad hoc job posting: In traditional job distribution, if you need to post or focus on one specific job without a strategy or additional advertising running, it’s manual and separate from the rest of your data.
    • SmashFlyX allows you to browse 8,000+ job boards — from domestic and international to college and professional associations and more — and simply click to post, even if it’s just one job requisition.
    • This online shopping cart experience within SmashFlyX automates the purchasing and contracting, job distribution, and tracking and reporting.

“We see so many organizations spending an exorbitant amount of time and resources advertising without insight,” said Sean Quigley, vice president of product at Symphony Talent. “Our goal is to consistently add unique features that make our platform more intelligent, automated and limitless so recruitment advertising is stress free.”

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