Surge Is Excited to Announce a Job Board for Women in Web3

The Surge Web3 Job Board provides opportunities for top Web3 organizations and talent to network, connect, and work together.

Female-led communities in Web3 are intent on making their voices heard. One of those communities is SURGE a community centered on education and equal access for women and non-binary individuals in male-dominated Web3 spaces.

SURGE was founded by Denise Schaefer and Juliette Chevalier in October. In just a couple of months, SURGE has attracted Web3 talent around the world – the community is strong and continues growing.

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Today they are happy to announce another step towards Web3 inclusion: the Surge Web3 Jobs board. Surge Web3 Jobs’ mission is to fix the gender imbalance in crypto by being the place where top Web3 organizations come to hire women and non-binary individuals.

“We are proud to extend a vetted talent pool of professionals from our vibrant community. We’ve met so many amazing people and we’re excited to provide this space where companies and talent can network and find Web3 opportunities,” Denise Schaefer said.

SURGE invites Web3 organizations that want to foster diversity to post their job listings and connect with women and non-binary people across different industries.

They are curating a SURGE list of vetted talent that makes it easy for organizations to find exactly the person they’ve been looking for. They also encourage their community members to create a profile even if they’re not actively looking for a job, because they want to create a space for organizations and talent to network and create connections.

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Since its inception, SURGE has been focusing on on-boarding more women to Web3 and the Surge Web3 Jobs is a strong step in that direction. The founders understand that not all positions in Web3 require technical know-how. In addition to technical positions, companies and talent can find openings in marketing, community, branding, strategy, education, etc.

“If we want to see wider Web3 adoption, we need to make sure there’s diversity in organizations, both in terms of people and skill sets. Surge Web3 Jobs is meant to fill this need,” Schaefer said.

Diversity in thinking, creating, and operating is necessary in the booming Web3 industry. The Surge Web3 Jobs board is a much-needed initiative that empowers women and non-binary individuals while providing top Web3 companies a place to hire and connect with vetted talent.

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