Rocketlane Empowers Data-Driven Decisions and Effective Management by Adding Time Tracking to Its Customer Onboarding Platform

New Module Improves Team Efficiency, Quantifies Efforts Accurately, Prioritizes Resources and Optimizes Processes.

Rocketlane announced the addition of the Time Tracking module to its customer onboarding platform. The new module includes easy-to-fill timesheets, options to create categories for billable activities and time tracking reports that provide actionable insights. Time Tracking ultimately improves management of onboarding teams and enables optimized processes and better forecasts of effort estimates for projects and tasks. Businesses can use the platform as the source of truth for recognizing revenues accurately or tracking project profitability.

“Time is one of the most important, yet most limited, resources, especially if you are working on customer-facing projects. Many organizations today work with hunches and intuition alone while not understanding true costs, time requirements or team efficiency,” said Rocketlane CEO Srikrishnan Ganesan. “Rocketlane’s Time Tracking brings controls and fine-grained understanding that help companies identify issues and bottlenecks, making onboarding and implementations more efficient and profitable.”

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With Rocketlane’s Time Tracking reports, companies can understand if:

  • Customers are being billed too much or not enough for onboarding
  • Certain customers or projects are taking up too much time
  • Planning estimates allocate enough time and resources
  • Onboarding teams are underutilized or overstaffed
  • Onboarding individuals are spending too much time on internal processes or in meetings

“Time Tracking is critical to Leadsquared, with all the platform customization and client services involved,” said Paul Chiramel, Sr. Director of Professional Services at Leadsquared and a Rocketlane customer. “Rocketlane’s timesheets are intuitive and easy for the team to fill in. We now have a better grip over effort tracking, and it aligns our estimates with the quantum of work and provides insights that help us fine tune our implementation methodology on a continuous basis.”

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Rocketlane’s Time Tracking module is highly configurable, easy to use and enables automation. Teams can use the native timesheets feature to log the time they spend on everyday tasks and projects while working in the platform. Separate timesheet tools are no longer necessary, and time tracking is no longer a disconnected process fraught with errors and omissions. The Smart Suggestions feature pulls up recent tasks, eliminating the need to manually search and fill projects and tasks while logging time. Managers can leverage the built-in chat to speed up the approval process. Moreover, it allows for carrying over of time entries from the previous weeks for repeatable tasks, making it one less thing to worry about.

Managers can also configure work hours, set reminders to fill timesheets, create default work categories and map them to tasks in templates and mark work items as billable. This helps teams stay compliant with business policies and, at the same time, ensure the data is free of human errors.

Rocketlane’s Time Tracking module adds to the efficiency and effectiveness that the purpose-built platform for customer onboarding already brings. It adds an important level of visibility and insights to manage teams better and provide customers with the best onboarding experiences.

The Time Tracking module is live and available from Rocketlane’s Professional plan and higher.

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