NTT DATA Study Finds Companies Who Place Employees At The Heart Of Their Digital Strategy Yield Even Greater Returns

87% of Organizations That Invest in Digital Workplace Solutions Report a More Innovative Culture

Research findings released by NTT DATA reveal organizations are yielding positive and unexpected returns by investing in their digital workplace by keeping employees at the center of their strategy. In addition to seeing a more innovative culture and greater productivity, companies reported enhanced revenue (78%) and a stronger recruitment pipeline (69%). In the report, titled “Decoding the Modern Workplace: Place Employee Experience at the Heart of Your Strategy for Greater Returns” NTT DATA surveyed 250 executives (senior manager level and above) who are based in the US and Canada.

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“As demonstrated by the study, implementing a digital workplace solution is about more than using the latest and greatest technology to grow the business,” said Lisa Woodley, Vice President of Customer Experience for NTT DATA Services. “As we navigate the digital landscape, it is crucial that enterprises prioritize the humans behind the technology—employees whose innovation and industry expertise make the business successful.”

While technology solutions that meet the demands of the modern workforce can and do have a strong impact on a business, the study showed that the highest priority should be placed on employees. This is demonstrated by respondents who self-selected themselves as “Experience Leaders” 1 and showed much higher confidence in their IT teams’ ability to provide a positive workplace experience for young adults or Gen Z than the second self-selected group, “Experience Laggards” 2 (81% vs 48%).

This long-term view is paying dividends: while nearly six in 10 (59%) “Experience Laggards” report employees’ resistance to change as a major challenge, this drops to just 37% of the “Experience Leaders.” Creating an environment that employees want to work in has far- reaching impact – get this wrong and it can be an uphill battle to keep your top talent.

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To combat resistance to change, employee feedback surveys, end user consultations and strong organizational change management strategies can ensure that employees’ needs are understood and met – and result in a positive impact to the bottom line.

Key findings from the NTT DATA study include:

  1. Despite clear benefits to invest in digital transformation that reach beyond cost, many companies continue to prioritize cost over employee engagement in their digital strategy.
  • For example, seven in 10 report cost to purchase, maintain, and/or operate a solution as a top influencer on whether to invest in digital workplace solutions
  • Other influencers impacting digital investment choices include perceived ability to improve employee productivity (66%) and demonstrable ROI (65%)
  1. Companies that prioritize employee experience see greater benefits
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) describe major workplace transformation as a ‘step into the unknown’
  • However, only around one-third of respondents prioritize pilot studies, third-party consultation and measurement strategies when preparing for a major change to digital workplace solutions
  • More than 70% of companies that prioritize employee feedback, employee upskilling and organizational change management are beginning to see the benefits including greater productivity, improved employee retention and enhanced revenue

NTT DATA, in partnership with research firm Longitude, a Financial Times company, conducted an online survey to address the digital transformation, costs incurred and employee experience of companies over the course of 18 months.

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