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New Data From RippleMatch Helps Employers Understand The COVID-Era Gen Z Job Seeker

RippleMatch, a leading college recruitment platform, is releasing new research on how COVID-19 and other current events are shaping the next generation of professionals.

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RippleMatch helps employers build diverse teams and hire the right students virtually. With more than 500,000 student users from over 1200 colleges, RippleMatch is uniquely positioned to collect data on what Generation Z values in the workplace, and how those values have shifted with the changing economic and political landscape.

Since Generation Z first entered the workforce in 2018, RippleMatch has routinely published novel data on their career values and motivations. Now, amidst a public health crisis and a renewed focus on racial justice following months of protests, RippleMatch set out to uncover how today’s Gen Z college students are approaching their job search.

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Surveying more than 1,000 juniors and seniors across 235 schools, these are the top themes that emerged from the data:

Students aren’t bought in to the idea of a remote-only future.

  • Only 5% of students are looking exclusively for remote jobs and internships
  • 85% of students are interested in relocating to a large city for a job or internship

In the wake of economic uncertainty, students are looking for stability and financial security when evaluating job offers.

  • 77% of college seniors say compensation will be a top priority when evaluating job offers, compared to 42% of Class of 2019 respondents from a previous survey who said the same.
  • 74% of college seniors are considering the stability of a company during COVID-19 when considering where to begin their careers

With a renewed focus on racial justice following national protests, students want to see real results from D&I initiatives.

  • When asked what students want to see from employers to know they take D&I seriously, 69% of students say they want to see that a company has a diverse executive leadership team and 67% want to see that a company hires and promotes diverse talent.

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