MediaOps Launches RecruitOps A New, Easy Way To Solve Hiring For Hard-To-Fill Technical Positions

MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, announced the launch of RecruitOps. Leveraging brands such as, Security Boulevard, Container Journal and the DevOps Institute, RecruitOps is ideally positioned to match top, technically skilled professionals with the many hard-to-fill positions in organizations of all sizes.

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RecruitOps specializes in matching highly skilled professionals in DevOps, Cloud Native and Cybersecurity with large enterprises and venture backed startups. Utilizing MediaOps’ unique market position, RecruitOps’ experienced recruiters are subject matter experts in these fields and understand the culture of the working environment, delivering better results faster.

“Helping companies find skilled applicants and helping IT pros find their next career stop are two of the most frequent requests we receive across all of our brands,” said Alan Shimel, CEO at MediaOps. “Most companies have tried the job boards, internal recruiting and LinkedIn type of solutions and found them sadly lacking. Outside recruiters throw résumés at the wall to see what sticks. RecruitOps represents a better approach.”

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Taking a page from DevOps best practices, RecruitOps relies on making sure candidates are not only a fit in terms of skills but culturally as well. Highly skilled technical candidates today are in high demand. The key to finding a long-term fit is to make sure they are a fit culturally in the team they are part of and the larger organization they work in. Working with hiring and team managers, RecruitOps’ trained professional recruiters learn what the culture and environment of the workplace require for a candidate to be successful long-term. Carefully screening candidates saves hiring managers time filtering obvious mismatches. All of this results in better hiring, faster.

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