Jobilla Claims 2022 was a Good Year for Hiring by Companies – Predicts a Healthy Labor Market in 2023 Despite Recession Warnings

Covid-hit industries are rebounding, according to data from 2022’s top ten industries hiring new candidates, and Jobilla predicts the labor market will continue to flourish in tough market conditions in 2023.

Scaling up talent acquisition Jobilla has announced its growth figures for 2022, with total revenue for 2022 increasing 123% over 2021 to €10.9M – more than 15 times what it was four years ago. Jobilla‘s growth trajectory has been fueled not only by its €7 million funding round in February and success in local markets through its Jobilla DACH GmbH and Jobilla Benelux BV units, but also by recovering markets such as hospitality and construction.

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“2022 was a difficult year in the market due to geopolitical and macroeconomic reasons that are causing companies to be more cautious with their recruitment, which is why we’re extremely proud of the exceptionally strong growth track Jobilla followed!” says Henri Nordström, CEO of Jobilla.

Jobilla is a digital, candidate-driven talent acquisition firm that uses social media and the best marketing strategies to assist companies in reaching, attracting, activating, and hiring candidates – whether they are currently employed or not – in a way that is optimized for both the candidate and the recruiter. In 2022, the company processed over 283,000 candidates for 2,465 companies in more than 40 countries.

“Even though we’re on the brink of an economic crisis and recession, we predict that 2023 won’t see the same kind of raise in the unemployment numbers as we have had in previous depressions. The job market is one of those positive things in the industry that is keeping us afloat. For years, we’ve been struggling with a talent shortage – but now it’s evening out,” added Nordström.

Applicants can apply for jobs on their phone in less than three minutes, and the recruiter receives candidates automatically classified based on their suitability for the position thanks to Jobilla’s AI-powered candidate filtering. Jobilla aims to remove obstacles from the candidate’s path one click at a time by analyzing up to 35 different metrics from the recruitment funnel.

Jobilla’s customer segmentation has shifted significantly in recent years, as the hospitality industry has recovered significantly from the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, in 2022, there was increased demand for Jobilla’s services in industries with the most severe shortages of qualified workers, such as healthcare. The Netherlands is facing a shortage of 80,000 care workers, according to the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization predicts that the global healthcare workforce will be short by around 10 million people by 2030.

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As it celebrates its most successful year to date, the company remains upbeat about the overall employment market outlook for 2023. Despite the World Bank lowering its economic predictions and issuing a global recession warning, this is the case.

We’ve witnessed some tech layoffs at the end of Q4 2022, but many of these are tech developers, which in previous years, have been operating in an understaffed market with huge demand, meaning they were able to pick their jobs and dictate their salaries. Generally, we expect salaries will likely equalize in 2023 as demand and supply continue to converge,” concludes Nordström.

Jobilla, which was founded in 2015, has raised €10.4 million in total funding and has over 4000 clients in 56 countries. Jobilla Benelux is a new subsidiary that joins Jobilla Finland and Jobilla DACH GmbH to form the third foundational element of the Jobilla Group.

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