HR Has a Future-Proof Problem, Ill-Equipped to Digitally Adapt Amidst COVID-19

Despite Surge in Virtual Meetings During Q1 2020, 48 Percent of US HR Professionals Struggle to Adopt Virtual Recruitment & Onboarding Processes, Finds Doodle Study

In the current COVID-19 era of country-wide lockdowns and social distancing, organizations find themselves in a wholly unique situation: millions of employees are working from home, indefinitely. But as the “Recruiting and Onboarding Employees from a Distance” research study released by Doodle indicates, US HR professionals are ill-equipped to digitally adjust and adapt their recruitment and onboarding processes during crisis situations.

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According to data from the Doodle platform, there has been a 47 percent increase in the number of virtual meetings scheduled in the first quarter of 2020, compared to the previous quarter. However, when we asked how prepared HR professionals are to implement fully virtual recruitment and onboarding programs in the event of a crisis, 17 percent admitted to not being prepared at all and 31 percent said they’re only slightly prepared. These findings demonstrate a major disparity between the growing digitalization of the workplace and HR’s ability to pivot and adapt its processes accordingly.

According to Renato Profico, CEO of Doodle, “Despite the growing prevalence of remote work in the last decade, HR teams are still heavily reliant on face-to-face interactions when it comes to recruiting and onboarding employees. While this may have been reasonable and even viable before the coronavirus outbreak, it’s far from that now. The reality is that many companies are continuing with (and even accelerating) their hiring plans to keep up with the demands of COVID-19. So a lack of digitalization will severely impede their ability to fill ‘essential’ roles, causing a ripple effect of consequences – from delays in fulfilling orders and subpar customer experiences to a decline in employee productivity and revenue growth.”

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