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E-Hired Innovates As First Ever Career Services Platform Awarded Full Accreditation Through USDOE Recognized Middle States Association

E-Hired is proud to announce it has been granted full accreditation as endorsed by the United States Department of Education (USDOE) through the Middle States Association – Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). E-Hired is utilized nationwide in public and private educational institutions as well as workforce development agencies. The platform provides transparency throughout the employment search life cycle, leading to increased reportable job placement outcomes.

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Developed in 2015, E-Hired remotely provides job seekers with daily job leads, a point and click resume builder, and professional online employment profiles. Proprietary software is employed directly connecting to government and private database systems providing job leads and resumes that accurately align with students’ skills, talents, and credentials, through precise and appropriate employment opportunities based on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) corresponding designation. “For my first school, I saw an immediate increase of 5% employment just due to the use of E-Hired in the first two months,” states one E-Hired client.

Employers using E-Hired are provided a free nationwide job posting platform, as well as communication and search functionality for potential candidates. “As an online University with students all over the world, I can’t reach out into the community and chat with employers about our students and how they may be a good fit for their organizations. The platform provides me a way to help students, wherever they are, identify job openings,” as attested by another E-Hired client. Institutional stakeholders with E-Hired have the ability to receive real-time notifications of all student job search activity including jobs viewed, applications engaged and resume modifications, as well as notification of employer contacts. As further attested, “For our WIOA contract, we are required to help young adults understand labor market information. This is labor market information in real time.”

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Now fully accredited, institutions can trust E-Hired meets the rigorous expectations for quality of operations and services as set forth under MSA’s Standards for Accreditation. The importance of any accreditation is that a set of quality standards is established and followed so stakeholders can maintain sector confidence and operational accountability. This eliminates the need to conduct detailed product comparison and analysis while boosting public trust and assurance. Furthermore, as an accredited service provider, E-Hired is deemed qualified in providing technology-based career services that are both desired and expected by our clients and stakeholders, maintaining the ongoing industry relevance institutions and agencies need to remain sector significant.

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