CGT Staffing Leverages Modern Recruitment Trends to Overcome Staffing Challenges

In the aftermath of the global pandemic and in the midst of the Great Resignation, staffing firms around the world are faced with the pressing challenge of improving the quality of their candidates and creating and retaining a strong pipeline of talent.

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“The seismic shift in hiring trends, coupled with the unprecedented demand for qualified talent, has necessarily forced our organization to become more mindful, nimbler, and more aware of the need to truly set ourselves apart,” said Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing. “Anyone leaning on traditional recruiting practices alone is going to be left behind in the modern marketplace.”

CGT Staffing has made considerable investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital onboarding platforms, data-driven analytics, and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platforms with a purpose to refine process and establish a credible balance between the qualified soft skills of its recruiters and the consistency and scope of AI and automation. “We firmly believe that one can’t exist without the other,” said Welge. As CGT Staffing continues to invest in innovative technologies, the organization continues to refine its focus on communication, collaboration, and problem solving in order to counter the rising skill deficit in the marketplace.

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With a consistent focus on the balance between automation and interpersonal relationships, CGT Staffing is able to ensure speed and efficiency in the delivery of its candidates and the qualified identification of talent quickly. The matching of qualified personnel with the jobs best suited to their skill sets has enabled the organization to reduce the recruitment costs for its partners over the long term while delivering a superior experience for its candidates.

“Our investments are made for the dual purpose of setting ourselves apart and cementing the trust of our candidates and clients alike,” said Welge. “Trust is a keystone value for us; there’s nothing more important than fostering trust when it comes to realizing mutual success, whether it’s the ongoing growth of a partner organization or securing the right job for a credible candidate. There’s really no greater sign of success in our industry than the success of those with whom we partner.”

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